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Spread betting uk general election wiki

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The advance of cryptos. How do I fund my account? They may not be aware of the basic etiquette of searches. The one genuinely nice faculty member is currently on a leave. They put you down to make themselves feel better, particularly one senior faculty member. You will be in for a shock, when she reveals her true character.

While publications will get you hired here, they will not get you friends in this department. Once they think they have their hooks in you, the corrupt institutional behaviour begins. Their overt violations of employment law in Canada is unbelievable. The faculty gossip with students about their colleagues' teaching. If a student is angry with you, they will actually use statements made by other faculty you thought were your friends.

Most of the faculty get rewarded for teaching nothing in their courses. It's perfectly acceptable to play videos in your classes all semester. Even after holding two sessional appointments, the faculty never let you into their circle. You always feel like an outsider in this department and unworthy to be there.

The faculty hold yearly teaching evaluations with the dean and two students. You know nothing about this until the faculty appoint two students who hate you enough to actually slander you on the committee. When you try to defend yourself and even receive letters of support from students to prove those were slanderous comments, the faculty will treat you even more like an outsider and call you crazy. This is, by far, the most toxic department I have ever been a part of and the administration is utterly useless in helping you.

You have to make friends with people in other departments to survive Bishop's. The only conversations you have with faculty involve them disparaging a previous instructor who taught your courses. None of the faculty have any experience teaching methods, so they base this opinion entirely on what students say, although they take opinions from students with the lowest grade in your course.

I feel so bad for the contract instructor who taught my courses. When she applied to teach the aging course in , I was present when "fake nails" ridiculed her application. She made fun of her for talking about taking care of her elderly mother in her cover letter.

This poor instructor has no idea how little the faculty of her. They make fun of her every chance they get. She teaches in the psychology and sports studies departments but has no idea that the sociology department will never hire her to teach a course again because of some rumours that probably are not even true. She teaches so many courses, there is no way there is any truth to what the faculty say about her.

She's been casted out of the department of sociology clique. Once your casted out, your dead to the faculty. A yearly evaluation can easily turn into a reputation smearing campaign if the two students hate you. The faculty will not tell you which students they select to assess your teaching to the entire department and dean apparently withholding this information is a requirement nor ask for your input on which students to appoint.

This is considered a fair and just practice at Bishop's University. You have no support. The APBU is useless. If you are a victim of harassment and bullying, you are on your own and have to remain sane somehow. They use you to fix their undergraduate program and are nice to you when they need something from you. After they get what they want from you, they humiliate you and then expect you to be happy because you were selected for the position. You are lucky, lucky, lucky.

You are lucky if you can keep your sanity. The faculty also don't care about their good students who are quiet. They focus all of their attention on the loud, outgoing students, so much so those students think they have complete control over you as a junior faculty member. The students and the university are not bad. Hint: Fake nails, fake personality.

My entire class told me about how terrified students are of this one particular person. No one speaks in her classes. When one student questioned what she was saying in front of the class, he was never able to return to her class again. The faculty are all two-faced. They will act nice to your face but look for anything to smear your reputation behind your back.

The worst part is that you will hear about it from students appealing their final grades in your course. Apparently, none of the full-time faculty are competent in research methods or statistics. You can imagine how unmanageable this becomes in a class of students. It keeps going up every year. There is limited parking space. If you teach class after 9am, you will have to park all the way at the Sports Complex or spend minutes waiting for someone to leave.

The university does not put any salt on the actual parking spots in their parking lots. They get an insane amount of snow. Don't come here if you are single. Most of the people living in Sherbrooke are poor and in poverty. I have given children cash at the grocery store, when their parent is not looking, to buy themselves something when I see how little their parent is able to purchase to feed two kids at a cheap store like Super C. The amount they charge for milk in Quebec is criminal.

If you still somehow naively believe that Furman is the right place for you to live your Dead Poets Society dream, my post may likely break your heart. Long story short, Furman is simply a family school intended for a bunch of privileged yet minimally talented white kids. You cannot afford to have standards; you do not need to be accomplished; all you have to do is to be white, have a degree from a random place, make sure all your students are happy, and hold strong beliefs in the eternal glory of the south.

Academic integrity is a joke here, and publishing with undergrads is simply a way to rebate students their paying customers their crazily expensive tuition with free rides, so these kids can finally have something to show in their otherwise blank resume. The students may not even be aware of the project, but they magically end up in the author list. PhD and postdoc work of any new faculty can also magically appear as Furman's highlight of "publication with undergrads".

Of course this makes grant application so much easier, particularly in South Carolina where quality liberal-arts education basically does not exist. And don't even get me started on racism and diversity here. Just check a faculty page of any department. If you can find a black, a latino or an asian, you'd better head out and buy lottery now foreign language departments might be exceptions since there's honestly not much choice. The limited number of minority faculty often suffer a lot from all the double standards they face on a daily basis.

In conclusion, if you are not white, have no ties with the Carolinas, or simply don't want to see a confederate flag every day on your way home, but somehow got a job at Furman, RUN! First of all, I was part of a fake search, which I didn't pick up on until afterwards. Happens to the best of us, I guess? But more significantly, they are NOT upfront about the fact that they don't have a tenure system. Instead of offering tenure, they give you a series of three-year contracts.

Campus visit was rather strenuous, considering the fact that it was ceremonial i. Lengthy teaching demonstration was required. Taught someone else's minute class the day before a major semester holiday. The fact that the visit was held right before Major Holiday probably should have clued me into its fakeness, but what can I say, I remained stupidly optimistic throughout the process. I was given a tour of the building and told things like, "This is where your office will be--see, we've set it aside just for you!

You'll fit right in! Even so, it took the department two months to send me a "Dear Applicant" rejection letter in the mail. Was not reimbursed for campus visit. You're welcome, asshole. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise--Holy Family U. Four or five buildings total; library isn't even open on weekends.

The nicest building in the vicinity isn't even part of the university--it's a high school run by the same order of nuns. I wonder what it's like to adjunct for these people. New hires are routinely told that their research will be supported. This is a lie. They are given an initially lightened teaching load, then after a year or two pressured into department-level, college-level, and university-level committee work on top of a teaching schedule.

When the becomes too much, some of them are offered program administration positions in return for a reduction in teaching load. New hires rarely manage to maintain a research and publication program, and as a result, either those ambitions are abandoned, or the new hires leave. The last two people this department hired left for more supportive departments after less than two years. This department will be hiring in Let the candidate beware.

The most active and credible scholars and writers in this department carry the heaviest teaching loads, while the lightest teaching loads are given to those who are favored by the administration, those who agree to join the ranks of the program administrators, and those whom the term "deadwood" fits neatly.

Faculty meetings were an excruciating exercise in watching the deadwood squelch any and all ideas for change introduced by the more ambitious attendees. Do some digging. Find CVs, where you can. Find teaching evaluations, where you can. Ask, if you interview here, how much of a role your research will have in this department, and how much of a role the research, if any, of the search committee members plays in this department.

Also note that this department will have you do a "teaching" demonstration that amounts to little more than trying to run a class discussion with members of the search committee pretending to be students. I found it to be the most impossibly awkward experience, and it bore no resemblance to my eventual teaching conditions with actual students at the university.

If you apply here, be forewarned. The bright picture they paint for you does not resemble the grim reality you will find if you take the job. The job ad asked for a wealth of materials much more than usual , including additional essays in addition to a teaching philosophy. But this is completely inappropriate for an academic job search. I can see how, in large scale, this tech can overcome biases in hiring, but it can also introduce new biases. I was also very disappointed that I never heard from a single person in the department conducting the search.

All I ever received were HR form emails. Very disheartening experience. They don't sponsor visas for foreigners. Meaning, the job is de facto closed to anyone but Americans. While I think this is discriminatory, this is not really the problem. The problem is, this was not stated in the job posting, and, worse, they only informed me I'm not eligable to apply after I submitted my application.

Worse still, they condescendingly suggested I "continue applying for openings on our website, jobs. Huge waste of time for me and reference letter writers. Unfortunately, the search chair never contacted me again to provide details on the progress of the search. I never heard about campus visits, whether a candidate had been chosen, or anything else. I wrote a message in follow-up with email tracking; the chair never responded, but they did open my message five times in one day.

I learned many months later from a departmental alum that this was a fake search and that the Department had hired the spouse of a faculty member they wanted to retain. It's disappointing to see a fake search happening at the University of Chicago, which has a reputation for being one of the top two schools in the country for my field.

It was disorienting to be dropped completely by the search committee after the interview. The fact that the chair opened my message so many times suggests that they didn't know what to say. A simple 'We have moved on to other candidates, but it was a pleasure to speak with you and thank you for your time' would have sufficed. Geneseo advertises itself as the "honors college of the SUNY system" to prospective hires and talks up its "liberal arts" culture. Beware of these claims.

Class sizes are large for a liberal arts college, especially because there are no TAs. Quality of student is also falling, but student support services are severely lacking. As a result, morale is quite low among the faculty, and the lackluster and even disliked new president doesn't make things any better Also, the director of the college was demoted to Lecturer after faculty complained that he was blackmailing the more outspoken faculty.

He threatened them in writing! This was in the Hong Kong newspapers in the Spring of The search committee was made up of four men and only one woman, a pianist. On the first day of the interview, at breakfast, it was only the candidate and the woman SC member. WIthin five minutes, the SC member asked the candidate if she had children.

When the candidate replied that she did, the SC memebr went on to say that she could not conceive. Later that day, the candidate was asked again by a male SC member if she "had family here. The candidate was told many times how well she did, how her application "rose to the top," etc..

Being that this was supposedly a "Christian university," the candidate even turned down another job when she was offered that job two months before Indiana Wesleyan could finalize their search. The committee also knew that she turned down another job out of being "ethical. Fast forward a few weeks later, the candidate saw that the job posting had been taken down from their website, so she emailed the chair to find out what was going on.

The chair then informed her that "after very careful consideration, the search committee decided not to consider her candidacy. Looking at the music department faculty list, it became clear that this department preferred hiring men over women. This was clearly a case of employment discrimination where the woman candidate with young children was not hired because of her gender and the fact that she had kids.

The fact that the other pianist on the faculty couldn't conceive herself might just make her more hesitant to work with this candidate as well. But guess what?! You CANNOT sue this school because they had been sued before and they used that "ministerial exception" to argue that since they were a religious institution, their decisions were autonomous and candidates or employees were not protected under federal law!

Basically, all in all, I would say that Indiana Wesleyan University is a hypocritical institution that uses their "Christian identity" to cover up whatever illegal decisions they may want to make in hiring and employment. RUN as fast as you can away from this school! The Administration does not care about the faculty or the students. The President gets paid more than most Research 1 Presidents and never publishes his "book" was ghost-written.

Issues have included members of administration in black face for halloween, an official policy of "no fat people" on the website, faculty members having their book orders cancelled, a lowering of academic standards to allow more athletes into the College, and the President vetoing faculty votes on a whim. If your face does not fit you will not get tenure, all the LGBT faculty have to remain in the closet for fear of being fired, senior administration shout and bully junior faculty.

There is no library budget, conference funding has been cut, and the roofs of the buildings are collapsing. The College is in debt and will likely be bankrupt within ten years. Run, run, run! I found it odd and frustrating that the President harped on the fact that I received an A- in a previous doctoral course, a course that was part of my original major of higher education administration. I explained multiple times that after taking the course, I realized I no longer wanted to pursue that major, and changed to information systems.

Nonetheless, I finished the session and when she asked if I had any questions, I asked her how soon would it be before I hear about a decision, mainly because there was practically no time left to apply for a state medical practitioner license, one of the major requirements for the position. She stated she understood my concern, and would be in contact soon. By the beginning of August, no one had contacted me, despite the emails I sent. Two days before the job was to start, I finally got an email stating they chose a better qualified candidate.

I have undergraduate degrees in biology, respiratory therapy, and computer science. I have worked over a decade as a clinician in multiple acute health care facilities, a few years as a software engineer, and eight years teaching in an advanced respiratory therapy program, but somehow I guess I was not qualified enough to teach in their respiratory therapy program… The entire experience interviewing with this school felt very haphazard and the president and her staff came across as unprofessional.

I could never recommend anyone apply for any position at this school if these are the types of shenanigans and culture they have cultivated there. November , they readvertise the position again. My cerdintials exceeds what they are asking for, including degrees from top 10 engineering school in the country, 9 years academic experience and 7 years industrail experience in the best conpanies in America.

Now it is Decmeber and I am still waiting for the call, to say some thing about regarding candidates and professionalism at this college, plus other issues. When I finally heard back from the search committee, they said they voted to give me the position but the department voted no because the original job announcement wasn't worded exactly as they had hoped.

The revised version was even more closely aligned with my background. The search committee all resigned in protest. Now they are re-running the search. I'm definitely not reapplying. The department was in shambles and they expect too much of their professors for pretty terrible pay. Do not be fooled by any advertisements. Students are nice but they're mostly hayseeds. Little opportunity for advancement at this school unless you're a local yokel who's in on the prevalent "Good Old Boys" network.

Tifton's a nice enough town, but there's nothing to do. It's mainly an interestate stop-over of chain restaurants and convenience stores. Do not apply for a job here. Run away as fast as you can. First night, the professor picked to have dinner with me spent the meal telling me that the Department Chair was a misogynist. I was shocked at her candidness, but it was a good warning about the lack of profesionalism and hostility in the Department. The next day, during an interview, the Chair asked me a young, visibly queer woman whether or not I could live in the South.

I replied yes, I'd been living in the South for a while. He asked again "No, I mean it. Can you live in the South? Nothing blatantly illegal, but definitely illegal implications. Was grateful not to get an offer, but was surprised that I was sent a form rejection letter informing me I was not selected. Though should I have been?

It required the least amount of effort. The Provost also tells some of the department chairs to "get information about thei faculty members in case he needs to fire them. Basically, in all accounts, Chowan University is a joke! Not to mention that it is in the middle of nowhere - and they want you to live right there!

There are faculty members who live further away in order to be closer to civilization, but generally the administration frowns upon that. They tell some new faculty that "there is no place to rent in this town, so you should buy a house here," just so that they would have more liability and less mobility once they move here. Of course it doesn't mean that they will necessarily keep you. Some people have fallen into those lies before and bought a house right in town, only to find five other houses on sale in the same neighborhood that can't get sold for over a year!

Buyer beware! When the appointed time arrived, I interviewed with the associate dean, because the "dean was in another meeting. Now I am a Christian, but not the denomination associated with this school. Upon reading the mission statement on their website, my understanding was that Bethune-Cookman is a Historically Black University that happens to be loosely faith-based. This appears not to be the case.

I applied to other similar instutions and did not get the same response. Unless you are United Methodist, and prepared to make a confession of faith during the interview process, reconsider applying here. They are censured by AAUP and have one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

There are always constant investigations and scandals. Moreover, the pay is extremely low and the administration constantly uses fear tactics to keep the faculty docile. You really notice it once you leave this place. As a result of extremely low morale, most of the faculty do not care about their jobs they are coasting leading to chaos in the classrooms.

Attendance is not expected in the classroom. Thus, while a great teacher may try to require it, the culture created means those instructors will not succeed in getting students into the classroom. I never had a problem with this before teaching here or after teaching here. There are some great and humble students. These are the ones to cherish and provide any help as they will be really thankful.

Nonetheless, this institution will probably collapse unless the government takes it over. Avoid at all costs. Only those with connections and who side with the top tier get any respect. Skype interview: during ths the Dean was visably yawning while listening to my answers about my scholarship and teaching.

The only time she perked up was to ask me to respond to the university's mission, which in addition to the standard stuff -- student centered, excellence in teaching -- included "Christian". Attempting to avoid a discussion of my beliefs, I responded to the first two adjectives and ignored religion. The Dean then perked up and interrogated me on how my beliefs impacted my teaching. I complied, but again, was clearly not a Bible-banger, so I thought the plans for a campus visit could be squashed.

They were not. I debated going and decided it would be good experience and I should not judge the school before visiting. Planning campus visit : When the invitation to a campus interview was confirmed I was explicitly told that I would be making 2 presentations: a job talk and a teaching demo, but not given any detail of the length, content, or audience for these presentations. With a month to go before the interview, I waited for these details which I asked for upon accepting the invitation for the interview to be confirmed.

When they confirmed my flight plans three weeks before the interview I mentioned that I was waiting on details of my presentations and they assured me that they would be in touch asap. Two weeks before the interview I politely requested to know what class I would be teaching, what parameters I should know about for my job talk, and the length of each presentation. A week before the interview I asked again.

Both emails received no answer. I emailed again five days before the interview and got a response immediately asking me to wait just a bit longer. The details came 72 hours before my flight and they changed my iterinary from two presentations to one minute teaching demo.

So the work I had done on the job talk was a waste and I had less than 72 hours to prep for the class. Pissed, but I handled it. Another snafu in the planning stage: during the phone call to confirm travel plans they informed me that instead of having a day and a half with the search committee including dinner the night before my presentations, etc I would only have half a day on campus.

This was ostensibly an unavoidable issue having to do with flight schedules, but it was clearly implied that my interview would be half the time they alloted for the other candidates. Also at this point much of my communication started to be with a woman whose position in the department was unclear. Not to put too fine a point on it, but she apparently was given the authority to cut my interview time in half! I stand to try and introduce myself, since its my interview and everything, and he barely shakes my hand before continuing his private conversation at the other end of the table.

That goes on for about fifteen minutes, all the while I am trying to figure out a way to politely enter a conversation I am clearly not welcome to, until he stands up to leave saying "I forgot. I have a class to teach right now". He goes without saying another word to me. I spend the next hour having a tour of campus with another member of the search committee. He does not ask me one question about myself, my work, or my goals. He never refers to what I would be doing if I accepted a position in the department.

At the end of the tour he takes me to a meeting with students, which goes very well, but does not include any members of the search committee. This goes on as if I was not even there with occassional interuptions from students, to whom he does not introduce me. Generally I feel as if I am in the one in the way as he takes his sweet time on his computer, chatting with students, and discussing personal issues with his Girlfiend all while I wait to be taken to a classroom to set up for my teaching demo.

Finally, he realizes that we are late for my teaching demo! Interview Part III : We rush to my teaching demo, he fiddles with the computer, there's a lot of confusion, and worry about if my materials will work on their OS -- things that could have been resolved if I had been brought to the classroom five minutes before the students arrived so I could set up in peace.

But, I do my thing as well as possible -- I do have a fair amount of experience and confidence in this arena and had already done two interviews before this one, so things could have gone worse. He tells me we are late for lunch and we start rushing across campus. Here's Where it Gets Really Crazy : on our walk across campus we are joined by -- you guessed it -- the Girlfiend.

And by now I am used to them talking to each other as if I am not there, so they do and I walk a bit behind them. At this point I know I'm not taking this job anyway. Girlfriend excuses herself from lunch since encroaching on that would be unprofessional? Final meeting with Dean: meeting with the Dean I am again grilled about my religion, couched in concern for whether or not I will be a good fit at a school that is "so student-centered, devoted to teaching excellence, and oh-by-the-way Christian.

So my opportunity to talk about myself and my work is cut short. Aftermath : three months after my interview Belmont has not informed me about whether or not they would like to hire me; meanwhile I have accepted a position at another university. I have been in touch with the department about a hotel charge that appeared on my credit card, which to their credit they handled quickly.

However, despite instructing me to send receipts for my incidental travel expenses airport parking, etc , they have not reimbursed me for these petty expenses. I have emailed them three times and have been assured each time that they are being processed. I next will be contacting the Dean.

I don't expect to get any money from them. In fact, reading this I was absolutely flabbergasted because I could have written this about my own experience with this dept. Dean actually looked to be asleep in my Skype interview. The Dept head was wholly unprofessional throughout my time on campus.

Did not pay attention to my job talk. At lunch with other faculty members after my job talk he had personal conversations about issues I knew nothing about and al but turned his back on me to do so. It was so incredibly rude. And I should add everyone at the table but me was male. The dept head's girlfriend was present at almost all other times, which I found very disconserting, but at least she he some social graces. I considered writing the Dean to report what I felt was unconscionably poor treatment, but decided it would only make me look bad.

Now that I read this I wish I had contacted them so they could know what an unprofessional dept they have. Thanks for offering this post. Spring I was ghosted after the campus interview, still haven't been reimbursed for travel expenses. There was a strong indication that the college is in serious financial trouble. Whoever takes this job will be responsible for installing the fourth First Year Experience program in four years.

From the above candidate's experience, I would imagine they're looking for someone desperate to railroad into a very bad position. We don't recommend applying for or getting a new job in social sciences in the near future. It is a disaster during this transition. Replacements of good faculty leaving or contemplating leaving may not occur.

The communication department in particular is having substantial curriculum and pedagogical problems that are more than personality differences, but which are substantive differences over quality and the curricular routes to it. One contingent has for years resisted a robust MA program while growing the undergrad programs. This led to the administration placing the department into a receivership with a dean-appointed interim head for two years, to end with a new chair from a national search.

Meanwhile, the department is developing new plans to keep the department whole in spite of efforts to split the department. Over time, the department must make itself into better interconnections internally and with the new home for the department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

In transition with histories to learn from and put to bed, I wouldn't recommend Boise State at this point in time to anyone in terms of long-term employment until the department knows what it is. In the social sciences in particular, this is a university to fear.

These faculty are expected to carry the 'priviledged ones' on their back, allow them to steal in broad daylight, include them in their grants and papers, while the admins selectively highlight the achievements of these moochers. The administrators are groomed and promoted from the absolute worst performers without any consideration for their academic record or integrity, mostly from the above mentioned clique.

The heirarchy is largely based on race and not performance. Several departments have turned toxic due to these policies and have seen a high turnover of faculty and staff. Interviews and hiring decision have been based upon the clique's interests and several times these are fixed to hire from their own kind. Took over 7 weeks after my 2nd interview to get any information. If you feel it might be a long process, or if the process is taking a long time, please let candidates know.

Please respond to their emails - a candidate sending an email 6 weeks after the 2nd interview is justified. A response is deserved. There might come a time when a candidate's employment is ending in a month or two, prompting the need for information and a new job search.

Poor experience. I was not picked up or even taken to lunch. The Provost was outright rude and no meeting with the committee was scheduled. I met one of the professors in another department and had lunch together in the cafeteria yes, the faculty are nice people.

He told me his salary did not reach the 45K's teaching 4 clases which for Manhattan is really bellow poverty. Talking to a friend later on, he told me he had the same eexperience with them but he declined an invitation to interview there because the department who invited him would not pay the expenses and did not offer to pick him up they should show a little decency; it's New York, not Nowhereville.

Stay away from this school. I had a campus visit here. It was one of the worst vists I think a person could experience. The first professor I met for lunch asked me if the woman near us had a wedding ring so he could ask her out. The committee asked me so many inappropriate questions--my religion, what kind of political activities I would be involved in, whether I had kids and what race I was one professor said I had "a hispanic face" and a "Native American nose".

Race is a huge issue here, and I felt like they were constantly testing me about it in a very hostile manner. Because the state has a negative reputation, they were trying to be hyper PC, but it came off as being aggressive and accusatory. Honestly, I don't know what exactly they were looking for, but I'm glad I wasn't it! I know this post is under administration and the faculty members were the main issue, but what kind of administration would tolerate this kind of behavior?

I felt that the members of the search committee, the other faculty and the students were very nice and welcoming. I had an overall positive impression of the campus and of the people. However, my first complaint is about the scheduling of the campus visit. The schedule was too tight. I had no breaks; there wasn't even time for me to go to the restroom! The schedule didn't take into account the time it takes to walk from Building A to Building B.

I got off schedule pretty early on and couldn't get back on track. I had lunch with students and didn't even have the time to go to the resroom first; fortunately, I carry hand sanitzer with me. I noticed that they had a failed search for ; I hope that this was not due to the difficult campus visit schedule. I had a campus visit at a different institution a few weeks later that was completely different.

At this other place, the person who did the scheduling included several breaks throughout the day and plenty of time to walk from one building to the next. I was also able to go to the restroom at the other place. So my suggestion to the College of Idaho, and for others, is to make a schedule that enables the candidate to take a much needed break, even if it is just for ten minutes. Having a campus visit is incredibly stressful and the schedule should take this into consideration. My second comment is about my meeting with the president.

I was late to this meeting see comment 1 above but I tried to put my best foot forward. The first question the president asked me was where I am from, which is illegal to ask. I have a non-English last name and a lot of people inquire about my origins. I'm especially sensitive to this question because I'm an ethnic minority.

So I replied with something like "I get asked this question a lot" and then changed topics. I didn't even answer that question. I noticed in the "Dear Search Committee" section that a lot of candidates get asked questions that are illegal, such as questions about their origins or if they are married or have children. I didn't get asked this, but the question about my origins did turn me off.

Other than these two issues, the College of Idaho is great and it would be a wonderful place to work. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say this place should be avoided at all costs. If you are not one of the chairs favorites you will end up doing a lot of service work, and will intentionally have your career sabotaged if you are productive. While these are the words of a person who managed to escape that hell hole, after reading the sever year review that was conducted last year I know I made the right decision to leave.

If you get an interview there, you should request a copy of this report and the unit's response to it. If I could figure out how to load it up here, I would. A very prominent criminologist I do not believe I can name names said of his assessment of the unit was that the place was in desperate need of leadership and the current working conditions were "deeply troubling.

If I had a student who was considering an offer there, I would tell them to consider brewing coffee for a year while strengthening their CV. Rumor has it last year the chair was secretly negotiating with his preferred candidate against the recommendation of the search committee and the faculty as a whole. What a situation to walk into.

Stay away from this college. Needless to say, Nepotism at that college is alive and well. The HR department is the worst department in the world. Charged an employee for dependant life insurance and then denied a claim when the dependant died refunding the premium to the employee, claiming the policy was not valid because the dependant did not provide a physical exam before applying. In reality, none was required for employees who chose that option on the first day of employement.

Service award ceremonies are horrible, the HR department has someone create a video of the employees without acknowleging doctor titles for any of the faculty. They offer employees getting awards an opportunity to take a picture for the event with the college protographer. However, if they fail to show up, the HR office uses the very first picture that the employee took for their badge when they first started even if it is 25 years old , regardless of whether there was a recent badge picture on the college's employee database.

The award ceremony brocheres also fail to acknowledge faculty doctor titles. Most faculty member throw the brocheres away. Morevoer, the head of HR only has an AA degree and really needs to step up her game especially now that the college where she works offers students a chance to earn a BAS degree in Human Resources.

Everytime there is a faculty or administrative opening, applicants fly in to interview but it is a total waste of money and time for them. They usually select someone's friends or relative for the position. Additionally when people are offered a full-time positions, they are invited to the HR office for processing, but are not told that they will be there approximately 6 hours listening to endless PowerPoint presentations about employee benefits without compensation of any kind. If someone complains, HR immeadiately contacts their hiring committee or the new boss that they will report to let them know.

Finally the HR department recinded tuition reimbursement benefits for faculty that had been negogiated buy our faculty union over the summer without consulting anyone. Did I already mention that the HR department of this college is the worst in the world? The Eastern Michigan University administration prides itself on exercising its prerogative to dismiss employees "at will" with no explanation even in the case of very productive individuals.

Raises are sparse for non-faculty. There is a rampant cronyism. Find out who is married to whom. If you are thinking of relocating to EMU ask about the high turnover rate in the administration in general. Find out why the job you are applying for is suddenly available and what happened to the person who formerly held the postion. There most likely will not be any relocation expense support. Forget about a hire for your spouse since you aren't from here. Get everything in writing in your letter of hire.

If you are eligible, you MUST negotiate your right to return to faculty, because you will be needing it. Read the AAUP contract and negotiate the right to assume those pay raises when they demote you. Better yet, stay far away. Below comment refers to Illinios budget stalemate during which EIU laid off faculty and staff.

Current Governor has even pledged to increase state funding. The below described situation was a one-time occurence during a severe crisis imposed on the university by the State's former Governor. Stay away for the near future. University is in a deep budget crisis and the administration has rescinded 26 faculty offers of employment after having issued them 6 weeks earlier. People turned down other offers and now scramble to find anything for Fall contracts were rescinded 5 weeks before the fall semester.

Administration only excludes tenured faculty from further layoffs, does not have a strategy, and is not honoring its commitments. Great place in general, but currently and under this administration, I would not recommend this as a place for anyone wanting to build a career. I agree with the post above. A lot of faculty are interested in leaving, and many of the new hires leave after a few years which applies to me as I'm on my way out. The university is really not a national or 'R2' as it looks like.

It's now in the unranked category for national universities in US News. Support for research is mostly limited to sending the files for you: don't expect any help in identifying funding opportunities you're on your own or you have to set up your own alerts , or in writing a grant. You'll commonly find yourself doing everything, including the budget. The research office is short-staffed, and the university's constant fall in enrollment over the years as well as poor finances some university bonds are ranked as junk bonds won't lead to a better support anytime soon.

Even if you were to get a grant, its administration is a nightmare and the university can't be trusted e. The quality of the students goes from low to average for the most part. There is a broader distribution for undergraduate students, who attend essentially because they live in the Northern Illinois region.

Depending on the department, graduate students can be really mediore, and your best best to do any kind of research is to identify the best 1 or 2 undergrads in a class. There are little prospects for improvements in this university and it should be avoided. Financial management is not this university's strong suit. I organized a summer program for which student tuition dollars and a course fee were collected - that money went straight into some pot of money that I never saw, and I was only partially reimbursed for the expense of the program, and extra funds that should have covered my time on the project were never reimbursed.

The quality of students is generally the lowest I have encountered in many years of adjuncting. I also had the pleasure of working with a department chair with the bad habit of offering courses for me to teach the following semester, then rescinding the offer a day or two later.

If you are a visiting assistant professor, then you should know that the faculty are actively unionized against VAPs to prevent them from having more than a 1 year contact. Run, don't walk. And finally, NIU is not in Chicagoland, it is in the middle of a monoculture wasteland. Please see below links for information on current efforts to hold this administration accountable for.

We have retained counsel that will speak to anyone wishing to remain anonymous. All decisions are made by the president and AVP and then passed down with no faculty input. This applies to everything from how the Blackboard template will be arranged to class size to faculty time spent on campus. Almost none of the administrators have any academic experience--several come straight from the military, some have MBAs, some taught briefly as adjuncts before moving into administration.

There is therefore little regard for the needs of faculty. An example of this--FTCC has no final exam week. The last week of school is a regular teaching week. Grades are due by noon the day following the last class period. Instructors carry a 6 class per semester load with each class containing about 35 students.

Likewise, many faculty are put in offices that are shared between people or in cubicles. None of this is conducive to working--the preparation of class materials or grading--and yet the expectation is that you will spend a great deal of time in these crowded spaces. There are times when the benefits of an arrangement outweigh the cost. Notice that there is no such thing as an off campus day. I realize that some faculty are able to schedule classes, office hours, and division hours over four days and benefit from an off campus day.

Faculty Handbook Pg. Exceptions to this requirement may be approved by the appropriate Dean. These hours should be conducted on campus unless approved otherwise by the appropriate academic dean. Divisional hours can be modified as required and communicated as described above. FTCC instructors are being sent out to the high schools throughout the entire county to teach dual credit classes.

Some of these schools are nearly an hour away from the college, but unless one travels to the college then to the HS then to the college, no compensation for mileage will be given. Additionally, since adjuncts often cannot to go the high schools during the day, adjuncts are given preference for all online classes and classes on campus when full time instructors are farmed out.

The high schools, not the college, determine what days and times classes will be held. An average schedule for many instructors Fall will include college classes every morning and 90 minute high school classes every afternoon 4 days a week. The instructors who do best at FTCC are those who give only multiple choice exams and completion grades for all writing assignments and who show videos in class rather than actually teaching.

As far as pay, FTCC is competitive, but once you are hired you cannot expect to get much by way of raises. And, you also cannot expect much by way of breaks during the semester. Faculty often are required to hold work days when students are off. It leaves little time for getting caught up or for taking care of any personal business. There are some nice things about FTCC--the grounds are lovely and the buildings are clean. But, faculty have no voice--they can't weigh in on strategies to deal with retention issues or even on whether or not high school classes will be increased at the loss of our regular curriculum students.

If you work here, you will be nothing more than a wage slave. Your degrees, the professional honors you have achieved, none of these matter. You are a cog in the machine and the view of the upper levels of the administration is that you are easily replacable--because it doesn't matter how shoddy the product we are putting out; it only matters that we increase enrollment and that, having admitted people who have no business being in a college classroom, we retain them at all costs to avoid federal penalties.

The leadership of the college is broken but given the circumstances there is no way to fix it. It was much the same story. I was in touch with them months after the visit to ask what the situation was, only to be curtly told that the search had concluded and someone else had accepted. Guys: an email will do, just make it polite, engaged, and timely.

Their hiring practices are terrible. Professor here from FGCU: These complaints are legit, but the culprit is usually the HR department which controls all phases of the job search. Committee members, including the chair, are instructed NOT to communicate with job candidates. Once the search committee makes its recommendations to the chair, it is disbanded, and the job search is entirely in the hands of the Dean's Office and HR, and the finalists won't hear anything until after the contract has been signed for the new hire--and it'll be a standard, generic email from HR--and yes, it'll be months after the visit.

FGCU is a wonderful place to work, but we have some serious issues with our hiring protocol, and we lose good candidates because of it. I had a strange interview with this department for a postdoc, which I can only describe as bewildering and hostile. The first odd thing was a cold solicitation.

One of the search committee emailed my former advisor and strongly but obliquely asked him to inform "one of his students" no names used about the position and encourage them to apply -- in the context, the prof meant me.

So I applied and got a Skype interview. Day of the interview, they claimed to have technical problems. They could see me but I couldn't see them; they made no attempt to fix the problem. The chair of the search also had his infant with him during the interview so that our conversation was periodically interrupted.

I fielded the usual questions. After answering a question about how I think my research is significant for the field, however, the same prof who had solicited my application started to talk. Actually, he said, what I was doing wasn't particularly novel at all but well developed which is not true ; I had not gone for obviously innovative topics but was instead propping myself up on the research of others.

It took a moment to realize that he was undermining and putting me down. The rest of the interview played out and, no surprise, I didn't get a call back. So why would someone solicit an application only to belittle my work? I can only think that 1.


Share on Twitter. Peel was defeated on a report about the Irish Church on 7 April and resigned the following day. Ministry met the Commons, but was defeated on an amendment to the Address on 10 June and resigned on 11 June A map presenting the results of the election, by party of the MP elected from each constituency.

Add Event to Calendar. Was defeated on a motion to examine the accounts of the Civil List on 15 November and resigned the following day. Check latest figures. The Whig and Peelite Prime Ministers in the table below are regarded as having the support of all Liberals.

All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. If an earlier general election is triggered outside of the five-year period, the election does not have to be held on a Thursday. Immediately advised the dissolution of Parliament upon becoming Prime Minister. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4. Extreme weather. Sports betting.

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The New York Times. Retrieved 25 November ITV News. The shadow cabinet must get behind it". New Statesman. Retrieved 6 January Friends of the Earth. Retrieved 1 October Institute of Fiscal Studies. The Times. Labour's vision is the only way". Dla wszystkich! For everyone! Brexit Standard in Polish. New Scientist. The Herald. Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 13 November Vice News.

In fact, we don't need them". Retrieved 8 December The Telegraph. The Observer. Retrieved 15 December Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 26 November Full Fact. Election Digital War". The Sydney Morning Herald. ABC News. Retrieved 3 December Sky News. Retrieved 1 December Business Insider.

First Draft. Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 5 December BBC Media Centre. Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 6 December Daily Mirror. British Journalism Review 31, no. Press Gazette. Retrieved 29 November Earlier this month, Sky News proposed a general election debate between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders for Nov The broadcaster was unable to secure agreement from Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn and therefore made the decision to cancel the TV event.

Retrieved 5 November Forge Today. University of Sheffield's Students Union. Retrieved 25 November — via Twitter. Evening Express. Press Association. However, as made clear, as he isn't the leader of the Conservatives his participation was not required at tonight's climatedebate- which was strictly for party leaders only" Tweet. Retrieved 29 November — via Twitter.

Retrieved 27 November — via Twitter. Wales Online. Retrieved 2 December BBC One. STV News. Kent Online. Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 23 November Channel 4. Suzanne Breen's verdict on UTV election debate".

Belfast Telegraph. University of York. BBC Scotland. The National. The London Economic. Associated Press. Retrieved 18 September The Bristol Cable. Morning Star. The Guardian — via www. Jewish Labour Movement. Muslim Council of Britain. The Times of India.

Politics Home. The Conversation. Archived from the original on 2 November That would still be a Con majority, but not so big. Big Q: is this just noise or the signal at the start of a trend? Retrieved 6 December — via Twitter. Retrieved 27 July Bristol Post. Electoral Calculus.

Retrieved 12 December Retrieved 12 December — via Twitter. Elections Etc. The Irish Times. Retrieved 16 May Make Votes Matter. Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 1 March Ipsos MORI. Retrieved 2 July We must fight from the centre-left". Retrieved 3 April Politics portal United Kingdom portal. Early Parliamentary General Election Act England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales.

Elections and referendums in the United Kingdom. Vote Leave official campaign Leave. Hidden categories: CS1 Polish-language sources pl Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use British English from May Use dmy dates from November Articles with hCards All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from January Pages using bar box without float left or float right Commons category link from Wikidata Election and referendum articles with incomplete results.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. First party Second party. Boris Johnson. Jeremy Corbyn. Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Islington North. Nicola Sturgeon. Jo Swinson. Did not stand [n 3]. East Dunbartonshire defeated. Prime Minister before election Boris Johnson Conservative. Prime Minister after election Boris Johnson Conservative.

Part of a series of articles on. Negotiations Negotiation positions EU negotiation mandate Chequers agreement Timeline: , , Timeline Bloomberg speech. European Parliament election. Referendum Act passed. Renegotiation concluded. Referendum held.

Theresa May becomes PM. Article 50 judgement. Notification Act passed. Article 50 invoked. Brexit negotiations begin. Withdrawal Act passed. Chequers plan presented. Withdrawal agreement released. Meaningful votes. Brexit delayed until 12 April. Cooper—Letwin Act passed. Brexit delayed until 31 October. Boris Johnson becomes PM. Benn Act passed. Withdrawal agreement revised. Brexit delayed until 31 January. Agreement Act passed. UK-EU trade deal agreed. Future Relationship Act passed.

The Act sets 12 December as the date for the next parliamentary general election. Dissolution of Parliament and official start of the campaign. Beginning of purdah. Royal Proclamation summoning a new Parliament and setting the date for its first meeting issued. Receipt of writ — legal documents declaring election issued. Deadline to register for a postal vote at 5pm Northern Ireland [41]. Deadline to register for a postal vote at 5pm Great Britain [41] and for registering to vote across the UK at pm [41].

Results announced for all the constituencies. End of purdah. First meeting of the new Parliament of the United Kingdom, for the formal election of a Speaker of the Commons and the swearing-in of members, ahead of the State Opening of the new Parliament's first session. September Scottish National Party. November None [n 3]. East Dunbartonshire. None [n 9]. Green Party of England and Wales.

Jonathan Bartley. None [n 10]. None [n 11]. Democratic Unionist Party. None [n 12]. None [n 13]. Social Democratic and Labour Party. Foyle [n 14]. None [n 15]. Alliance Party. None [n 16]. None [n 17]. Liverpool Wavertree. Finchley and Golders Green.

Frank Field. Birkenhead Social Justice. Ilford South. Change UK. South West Hertfordshire. Birmingham Hall Green. East Surrey. Nottingham East. Ivan Lewis withdrawn [74]. Bury South. Luton South. Angela Smith. Penistone and Stocksbridge. Altrincham and Sale West. Cities of London and Westminster. Chris Williamson. Derby North. Safia Ali. Alleged prior antisemitic posts on Facebook [76].

Amjad Bashir. Leeds North East. Comments made in saying Jews were radicalised by visiting Israel [77] [78]. Sophie Cook. East Worthing and Shoreham. Reported experience of abuse and harassment [81]. Victor Farrell. Homophobic comments in [82]. Neale Hanvey. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. Allegations of antisemitism based on criticism of Israel and George Soros in a Facebook post [83]. Ryan Houghton. Aberdeen North. Allegations of Antisemitic, Islamophobic and homophobic tweets in [84].

Ivan Lewis. Independent [a]. Withdrew candidature and urged voters to vote Conservative [74]. Ben Mathis. Hackney North and Stoke Newington. Tweets that included references to "hot young boys", "whiny bitches", and conjuring images of Katie Hopkins losing "several kilos of unpleasant fat…[with] an axe or a guillotine", before [85]. Waheed Rafiq. Birmingham, Hodge Hill. Antisemitic comments before [86]. Flora Scarabello.

Glasgow Central. Islamophobic comment — recorded private words [87]. S Davies. S Thomas-Symonds. P Dodds. S Saville Roberts. S Gill. P Johnson. P Corbyn. BBC Question Time. Octagon Centre , Sheffield [] []. P Sturgeon. P Swinson. N Johnson. N Corbyn. Pembrokeshire County Showground, Haverfordwest []. S Griffith. S Wells. N Swinson. ITN Headquarters , London []. A [n 18] Johnson. P Price. P Berry. A Farage. Senedd , Cardiff []. S Sunak. S Long-Bailey. S Lucas. S Tice. Dock10 , Salford [].

S Burgon. P Farage. S Jones. S Hanson. S John. S ap Iorwerth. P Gill. P Carlaw. P Leonard. P Rennie. Maidstone Studios , Maidstone [] [] []. Leeds Beckett University , Leeds []. S Rayner. S Whitford. P Bartley. University of York , York []. S Jenrick. S Yousaf. Queen's Film Theatre , Belfast []. S Little-Pengelly.

P O'Neill. P Eastwood. P Aiken. P Long. Broadcasting House , Belfast. S Donaldson. Opinion polls. Green Party. Conservative 28 seat majority. Conservative 52 seat majority. Conservative 38 seat majority. Conservative 32 seat majority. Conservative 46 seat majority. Conservative 30 seat majority. Conservative Party. Labour Party. Arlene Foster. Mary Lou McDonald. Adam Price. Colum Eastwood. Alliance Party of Northern Ireland. Naomi Long. Lindsay Hoyle. Nigel Farage. Plaid Cymru. Steve Aiken.

Christopher Whitwood. Scottish Green. Patricia Mountain interim. Ashfield Independents. Jason Zadrozny. The Independent Group for Change. Anna Soubry. Monster Raving Loony. Howling Laud Hope. People Before Profit. Heavy Woollen Independents. Animal Welfare. North East Party. Lincolnshire Independent. Green NI. Clare Bailey. English Democrat. Robin Tilbrook. Mebyon Kernow. Dick Cole. Gwlad Gwlad.

Veterans and People's. Putting Cumbria First. Julie Girling. Workers Revolutionary. Adam Walker. Parties with less than votes each. Vote share. Scottish National. Vote share of seats contested. Parliamentary seats. Parliamentary seats out of total contested. GCSE or lower. Ross Thomson. Aberdeen South. Stephen Flynn. Gloria De Piero. Lee Anderson. Before, during, and after Election Day, Trump and numerous Republicans attempted to subvert the election and overturn the results , alleging widespread voter fraud and trying to influence the vote counting process in swing states.

The election results in each state and the District of Columbia were certified by December 9. Article Two of the United States Constitution states that for a person to serve as president, the individual must be a natural-born citizen of the United States , be at least 35 years old, and have been a United States resident for at least 14 years. Candidates for the presidency typically seek the nomination of one of the various political parties of the United States.

Each party develops a method such as a primary election to choose the candidate the party deems best suited to run for the position. The primary elections are usually indirect elections where voters cast ballots for a slate of party delegates pledged to a particular candidate. The party's delegates then officially nominate a candidate to run on the party's behalf. The presidential nominee typically chooses a vice presidential running mate to form that party's ticket , which is then ratified by the delegates at the party's convention with the exception of the Libertarian Party , which nominates its vice-presidential candidate by delegate vote regardless of the presidential nominee's preference.

The general election in November is also an indirect election, in which voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College ; these electors then directly elect the president and vice president. The presidential election occurred simultaneously alongside elections for the House of Representatives , Senate , and various state and local-level elections.

The Maine Legislature passed a bill in August adopting ranked-choice voting RCV both for presidential primaries and for the general election. The Maine Republican Party filed signatures for a veto referendum and preclude the use of RCV for the election, but Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap found there were insufficient valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. On December 14, , pledged electors for each candidate, known collectively as the United States Electoral College , gathered in their states' capitals to cast their official votes.

Pursuant to the processes laid out by the Electoral Count Act of , certificates of ascertainment listing the names of the electors and separate certificates recording their votes are distributed to various officials across the branches of government. The presidential election occurred simultaneously with elections to the Senate and the House of Representatives. Gubernatorial and legislative elections were also held in several states. For the subsequent election, the United States House will redistribute the seats among the 50 states based on the results of the United States Census , and the states will conduct a redistricting of Congressional and state legislative districts.

In most states, the governor and the state legislature conduct the redistricting, although some states have redistricting commissions. Often, a party that wins a presidential election experiences a coattail effect that also helps other candidates of that party win elections. Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party on June 5, , when he secured enough delegates to ensure his nomination at the national convention.

An incumbent president running for re-election will almost always have the nomination. Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence were able to secure the nomination easily after receiving enough delegates in the Republican presidential primaries. Jo Jorgensen , who was the running mate of author Harry Browne in , received the Libertarian nomination at the national convention on May 23, Howie Hawkins became the presumptive nominee of the Green Party on June 21, , and was officially nominated by the party on July 11, Originally, a three-day convention was planned to be held in North Carolina, but due to North Carolina's insistence that the convention follow COVID social distancing rules, the speeches and celebrations were moved to Jacksonville, Florida official convention business was still contractually obligated to be conducted in Charlotte.

The House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump on two counts on December 18, This is the second time a president has been impeached during his first term while running for a second term. Several events related to the presidential election were altered or postponed due to the ongoing COVID pandemic in the country and its effects such as the stay-at-home order and social distancing guidelines by local governments.

On March 10, following primary elections in six states, Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders cancelled planned campaign night events and further in-person campaigning and campaign rallies. Political analysts speculated at the time that the moratorium on traditional campaigning coupled with the effects of the pandemic on the nation could have unpredictable effects on the voting populace and possibly, how the election will be conducted.

Some presidential primary elections were severely disrupted by COVIDrelated issues, including long lines at polling places, greatly increased requests for absentee ballots, and technology issues. Most states expanded or encouraged voting by mail as an alternative, but many voters complained that they never received the absentee ballots they had requested. By May, Trump and his campaign strongly opposed mail-in voting, claiming that it would cause widespread voter fraud, a belief which has been debunked by a number of media organizations.

As a result, the elections, which included a presidential primary, went ahead on April 7 as planned. Voting-rights advocates expressed fear of similar chaos on a nationwide scale in November, recommending states to move to expand vote-by-mail options. Both the president and first lady immediately entered quarantine, which prevented Trump from further campaigning, notably at campaign rallies.

This led to the concern that Biden may have contracted the virus from Trump; however, Biden tested negative. Trump being diagnosed with COVID was widely seen as having a negative effect on his campaign and shifted the attention of the public back onto COVID, an issue which is generally seen as a liability for Trump, due to his response to the COVID pandemic suffering from low approval ratings.

His rallies have been criticized for their lack of social distancing or mask wearing, and some polls suggest that voters see him less favorably for potentially endangering attendees. On February 13, , American intelligence officials advised members of the House Intelligence Committee that Russia was interfering in the election in an effort to get Trump re-elected. Sanders issued a statement after the news report, saying in part, "I don't care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president.

My message to Putin is clear: stay out of American elections, and as president, I will make sure that you do. On October 21, threatening emails were sent to Democrats in at least four states. The emails warned that "You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you.

He added that both Iran and Russia are known to have obtained American voter registration data, possibly from publicly available information, and that "This data can be used by foreign actors to attempt to communicate false information to registered voters that they hope will cause confusion, sow chaos and undermine your confidence in American democracy. It was later reported that the reference to Trump had not been in Ratcliffe's prepared remarks as signed off by the other officials on the stage, but that he added it on his own.

Throughout the election period, several Colombian lawmakers and the Colombian ambassador to the United States issued statements supporting the Donald Trump campaign, which has been viewed as potentially harmful to Colombia—United States relations. Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg , requested that Colombian politicians abstain from getting involved in the elections. Government officials and American corporate security officers braced for a repeat of 's election infrastructure hacking and similar twenty-first century attacks , and in fact conducted what were characterized as pre-emptive counter-strikes on botnet infrastructure which might be used in large-scale coordination of hacking, [] and some incidents earlier in the year appeared to foreshadow such possibilities.

There was no indication or evidence that there was any sort of hacking or compromise of election systems on, before, or after November third. Acts of foreign interference included Russian state-directed application of computational propaganda approaches, more conventional state-sponsored Internet propaganda , smaller-scale disinformation efforts , " information laundering " and " trading up the chain " propaganda tactics employing some government officials, Trump affiliates, and US media outlets.

During the campaign, Trump indicated in Twitter posts , interviews, and speeches that he might refuse to recognize the outcome of the election if he was defeated; Trump falsely suggested that the election would be rigged against him. No, I'm not going to just say yes.

I'm not going to say no. Get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very peaceful—there won't be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation. Wray , who was appointed by Trump, testified under oath that the FBI has "not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise. A number of congressional Republicans insisted they were committed to an orderly and peaceful transition of power, but declined to criticize Trump for his comments.

In April , Biden suggested that Trump may try to delay the election, saying that Trump "is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can't be held". Experts have indicated that, for the election to be legally delayed, such a decision must be undertaken by Congress. By June , the COVID pandemic was predicted to cause a large increase in mail voting because of the possible danger of congregating at polling places. He said he would reinstate overtime hours, roll back service reductions, and halt the removal of mail-sorting machines and collection boxes.

The Trump campaign filed lawsuits seeking to block the use of official ballot dropboxes in Pennsylvania in locations other than an election office, and also sought to "block election officials from counting mail-in ballots if a voter forgets to put their mail-in ballot in a secrecy sleeve within the ballot return-envelope.

On Election Day a judge ordered mail inspectors to search "mail facilities in The Federal Election Commission , which was created in to enforce campaign finance laws in federal elections, has not functioned since July due to vacancies in membership.

In the absence of a quorum, the commission cannot vote on complaints or give guidance through advisory opinions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately stated that the precedent he set regarding the Merrick Garland nomination was inoperative and that a replacement would be voted on as soon as possible, setting the stage for a confirmation battle and an unexpected intrusion into the campaign.

Wade , on the legality of abortion. By September , several hundred legal cases relating to the election had been filed. On October 11, , the Commission on Presidential Debates CPD announced that three general election debates would be held in the fall of One exchange that was particularly noted was when Trump did not directly denounce the white supremacist and neo-fascist group Proud Boys , which explicitly engages in political violence , instead responding that they should "stand back and stand by.

However, Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate, and the commission subsequently announced that the debate had been cancelled. The third scheduled debate took place on October 22 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee , and was moderated by Kristen Welker. The following graph depicts the standing of each candidate in the poll aggregators from September to November Calculated averages are not comparable to those for the Biden vs.

Trump polls. As polling with third parties has been very limited, the polls included in the average are often different. The following graph depicts the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in each swing state in the poll aggregators from March to the election, with the election results for comparison. The president spread mixed messages on the value of wearing face masks as protection, including criticizing Biden and reporters for wearing them, but has also encouraged their use at times.

Biden advocated for expansion of federal funding, including funding under the Defense Production Act for testing, personal protective equipment, and research. Trump claimed credit for the consistent economic expansion of his presidency's first three years, with the stock market at its longest growth period in history, and unemployment at a fifty-year low. Additionally, he has touted the third quarter rebound, in which GDP grew at an annualized rate of Biden and the Democrats generally describe these cuts as unfairly benefiting the upper class.

In response, Trump said Biden's plans will destroy retirement accounts and the stock market. Trump and Biden's views on environmental policy differ significantly. Trump has stated at times that climate change is a hoax, although he has also called it a serious subject.

However, Biden has not fully accepted the Green New Deal. Biden does not plan to ban fracking , but rather to outlaw new fracking on federal land. However, in a debate, Trump claimed that Biden wanted to ban it altogether. Trump's other environmental policies have included the removal of methane emission standards, and an expansion of mining.

Health care was a divisive issue in both the Democratic primary campaign and the general campaign. While Biden, as well as other candidates, promised protection of the Affordable Care Act , progressives within the Democratic Party advocated to replace the private insurance industry with Medicare for All.

Biden's plan involves adding a public option to the American healthcare system, [] and the restoration of the individual mandate to buy health care which was removed from the Affordable Care Act by the tax cut bill [] as well as restoring funding for Planned Parenthood.

Trump announced plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, calling it "too expensive", but has not said what would replace it. As a result of the killing of George Floyd and other incidents of police brutality against African Americans, combined with the effects of the COVID pandemic, a series of protests and a wider period of racial unrest erupted in mid Trump and the Republicans have suggested sending in the military to counter the protests, which was criticized, especially by Democrats, as heavy-handed and potentially illegal.

John's Church in Washington D. He also promised he would create a police oversight commission in his first days as president, and establish a uniform use of force standard, as well as other police reform measures. More than million votes were cast in the election. Trump became the first U. Biden won 25 states, the District of Columbia, and one congressional district in Nebraska, totaling electoral votes. Trump won 25 states and one congressional district in Maine, totaling electoral votes.

This result was the exact reverse of Trump's to in In light of the attempts to contest the election results, an important question is how many votes would need to be changed to change the overall result. The margins in favor of Biden in three states Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona totaled around 43, This is only 0. That margin is just over half the margin in while using the same logic, Clinton would need to win Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, which were states that Biden won.

If these states had gone for Trump, there would have been a tie of electors for each candidate. A similar situation occurred in the three states being Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania , but with the result being that the candidate with the lower popular vote won the electoral college vote. Almost all counties previously considered reliable indicators of eventual success in presidential elections voted for Trump instead of Biden, meaning that they did not continue their streaks as bellwether counties.

This was attributed to increasing political polarization throughout the country, as well as the urban-rural divide. Every state won by Biden was won by more votes than Hillary Clinton won each state. The combined vote margin of these states was equal to Biden's gain over Hillary Clinton. Major news organizations project a state for a candidate when there is high mathematical confidence that the outstanding vote would be unlikely to prevent the projected winner from ultimately winning the state.

Election projections are made by decision teams of political scientists and data scientists. On November 6, election-calling organization Decision Desk HQ projected that Biden had won the election after forecasting that Biden had won Pennsylvania. According to Decision Desk HQ which had not yet called Arizona , Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes gave Biden a total of electoral votes, three over the threshold to make him president-elect.

On the invitation of the U. An interim report published by the OSCE shortly before the election noted that many ODIHR interlocutors "expressed grave concerns about the risk of legitimacy of the elections being questioned due to the incumbent President's repeated allegations of a fraudulent election process, and postal vote in particular.

The 3 November general elections were competitive and well managed despite legal uncertainties and logistical challenges. In a highly polarized political environment, acrimonious campaign rhetoric fuelled tensions. Measures intended to secure the elections during the pandemic triggered protracted litigation driven by partisan interests.

Uncertainty caused by late legal challenges and evidence-deficient claims about election fraud created confusion and concern among election officials and voters. Voter registration and identification rules in some states are unduly restrictive for certain groups of citizens. The media, although sharply polarized, provided comprehensive coverage of the campaign and made efforts to provide accurate information on the organization of elections. Link stated that "on the election day itself, we couldn't see any violations" at the polling places visited by the observers.

The system has held up well. Note that two states Maine and Nebraska allow for their electoral votes to be split between candidates by congressional districts. The winner within each congressional district gets one electoral vote for the district. The winner of the statewide vote gets two additional electoral votes. Blue denotes states or congressional districts won by Democrat Joe Biden; red denotes those won by Republican Donald Trump.

Counties with highest percentage of Democratic vote: []. The voter survey is based on exit polls completed by 15, voters in person as well as by phone. The Brookings Institution released a report entitled "Exit polls show both familiar and new voting blocs sealed Biden's win" on November 12, In it, author William H. Frey attributes Obama's win to young people, people of color, and the college educated.

Frey contends Trump won in thanks to older White without college degrees. Voto Latino reported that the Latino vote was crucial to the Biden victory in Arizona. While Democrats won most Latino voters in both of these states, they failed to win over Cuban American voters in Miami-Dade County, Florida and fourth-and-fifth generation, English-speaking Tejanos in South Texas at the rates they had in the past. Demographic patterns emerged having to do with country of origin and candidate preference.

Data from Florida showed Biden holding a narrow edge among South Americans. This vote was crucial in the large cities of Pennsylvania and Michigan ; the increase in the Democratic vote in Milwaukee County of about 28, votes was more than the 20,vote lead Biden had in the state of Wisconsin. Almost half of Biden's gains in Georgia came from the four largest counties—Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Cobb—all in the Atlanta metro area with large Black populations. However, this overall tendency overlooks differences among particular ethnic groups: Korean Americans , Japanese Americans , Indian Americans , and Chinese Americans favored Biden by higher margins overall compared to groups including Vietnamese Americans and Filipino Americans.

Indian right-wing organizations like the Hindu Sena had performed special havans and pujas for Trump's electoral victory. During the storming of the United States Capitol , a group of Trump supporters held a Indian flag quite prominently. However, opposition Indian National Congress leader Shashi Tharoor equated the mentality of some Indians with that of Trump supporters.

In Montana, while the state went for Trump overall, counties overlapping reservations of the Blackfeet , Fort Belknap , Crow and Northern Cheyenne went blue. Trump's strongest performance was among the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina , where he won a strong majority in Robeson County and flipped Scotland County from blue to red.

Although polls generally predicted the Biden victory, the national polls were moderately imprecise by about 3—4 points, and some state polling was even further from the actual result, greater than 's error of around 1—2 points. This also applied in several Senate races, where the Democrats also underperformed by around 5 points relative to the polls, [] as well as the House elections, where Republicans gained seats instead of losing as polls predicted.

Most pollsters underestimated support for Trump in several key battleground states, including Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin; a notable exception was Ann Selzer , who accurately predicted Republican victories in Iowa for the presidential and Senate races. The discrepancy between poll predictions and the actual result persisted from the election despite pollsters' attempts to fix problems with polling in , in which they underestimated the Republican vote in several states.

The imprecise polls led to changes in campaigning and fundraising decisions for both Democrats and Republicans. According to The New York Times , polling misses have been attributed to, among other issues, reduced average response to polling; the relative difficulty to poll certain types of voters; and pandemic-related problems, such as a theory which suggests Democrats were less willing to vote in person on Election Day than Republicans for fear of contracting COVID Election night, November 3, ended without a clear winner, as many state results were too close to call and millions of votes remained uncounted, including in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

In a victory declared after midnight, Trump won the swing state of Florida by over three percentage points, an increase from his 1. EST, Biden made a short speech in which he urged his supporters to be patient while the votes are counted, and said he believed he was "on track to win this election". EST, Trump made a speech to a roomful of supporters, falsely asserting that he had won the election and calling for a stop to all vote counting, saying that continued counting was "a fraud on the American people" and that "we will be going to the U.

Supreme Court. In Pennsylvania, where the counting of mail-in ballots began on election night, Trump declared victory on November 4 with a lead of , votes, despite more than a million ballots remaining uncounted. Trump also declared victory in North Carolina and Georgia, despite many ballots being uncounted.

EST on November 4; [] [] however, several other media outlets concluded the state was too close to call.

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The United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday, 12 December The Spreadex columns below cover bets on the number of seats each party will win with "Tactical voting sites have spread confusion and animosity. Spread betting is any of various types of wagering on the outcome of an event where the In the UK, spread betting is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority rather than the Gambling Commission. The general purpose of spread betting is to create an active market for both sides of a binary wager, even if the. As Wikipedia turns 20 today, it's worth taking a look at the rise of the riot against a Joint Session of Congress after losing an election is not an.