how to place bets on horse racing

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How to place bets on horse racing sport betting via paypal

How to place bets on horse racing

Jockeys dismount and return to the Weighing Room complex to weigh in with their kit and saddle. At this point, you can hand over your betting slip to the bookmaker you wagered with to receive your winnings. If you placed a bet online , your account should be automatically credited.

Find out more about horseracing jargon in our guide here. If you want to get more familiar with the racecard to inform your bet, you can try to pick a winner by reading the form. If there are more 1s, 2s and 3s than there are 7s, 8s and 9s next to the horse you like, you might have a better chance of winning. Put simply, to win a place only bet, the horse needs to finish in one of multiple positions.

In a win bet, however, the horse must win, otherwise there is no pay out. Due to the wider number of winning possibilities for the bettor, place bets may not be available in certain scenarios. These scenarios are typically dictated by the number of horses or greyhounds running the race. If, for example, there are less than five runners, then a place only bet could mean that two of the five places would pay out, and so it's likely that no place only betting would be available for that race.

Another important point to remember when considering a place only bet is that the term has a slightly different meaning in North America than it does in the UK. In horse racing and greyhound racing in the United States, a place only bet is more limited and the horse or greyhound must be placed either first or second for the bet to pay out.

If it finishes in any other position, the bet is lost. One of the reasons for this difference is that there is something called a Show Bet in North America. This type of bet is very similar to a place only bet, but it's more extensive and pays out if the horse or greyhound finishes in first, second or third. This means that the show bet is quite similar to a UK place only bet, but the name is very different.

When you are about to have a place only bet, you'll be given place terms. These are the rules and regulations that govern the bet and within them you'll be given the horse's odds and place odds. The place odds, on the other hand, are the portion of the winnings you would get for a successful place only bet.

The industry standard odds for place only bets in horse and greyhound racing in the UK can be seen below:. Only races with eight runners or more would classify for a place only bet that covers finishing first, second or third which is what 1,2,3 in the list above means.

There are two further kinds of bets that are somewhat similar to place only betting, but which offer very different terms. These are insurance betting and betting without a named horse.

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There are plenty of options. While you could sign up for sites such as Bovada and others similar, the most legal and frankly the best way to bet on horse racing is through Twinspires. You can sign up for an account, deposit money and then bet on the races with relative ease. The first thing that you can do is look at the history of the horses. For the Kentucky Derby for instance, the track is going to be muddy — which severely complicates picking a winner.

Regardless, that type of research is critical. More immediately, though, you can also benefit from looking at the horses. If that area looks ripped, the horse is in prime racing condition. Meanwhile, you also need to look at the demeanor of the horse, which can be seen from things like the ears you want them looking pointed and confident , the coat an indication of spirits and health as you want it shiny and most importantly and obviously for the horse to not be freaking out getting to its post.

If you see a name and have a good feeling, take that into account. Play your feelings. However, this should be enough to get you started with the Kentucky Derby and moving forward throughout the triple crown. Kentucky Derby horses list by Dave Stevenson. FanSided 3 years Kentucky Derby Complete finishing order. View all NFL Sites. View all NBA Sites. View all MLB Sites. View all NHL Sites. View all Soccer Sites.

View all CFB Sites. Click now to get started! If you decide to go to the track and you want to learn how to bet on horses, the first thing you want to do is find a human teller. Human tellers are fast, accurate, and friendly so go to the person rather than the machine. State the name of the racetrack. State the dollar number of your bet.

State the type of wager. Hand the teller your money and take your ticket. The last step is to check your ticket before you leave the window to ensure that you and the bookmaker have the correct wager and place your ticket in a safe place. There are hundreds of resources for picking horses, and everyone seems to have their own methods, superstitions, and strategies.

For more information about how to bet on horses, visit our horse racing resource center where you can find horse racing tips, tricks, and picks from expert handicappers. Straight Bets in Horse Racing Straight bets are pretty simple. There are four kinds of straight bets: Win : You pick the winner. Simple as that. You win money only if your horse wins first place. Place : This is hedging your bets that your horse will win first OR second. If they do, you win. However, the reduced risk will produce smaller payouts.

Show : You win if your horse finishes first, second, or third. Again, the potential payout is reduced with the risk. One win bet, one place bet and one show bet. An Across the Board bet costs 3x the amount wagered. If your runner comes in first place you win all three prices win, place and show.

If your runner finishes second, you win place and show prices. If third you win the show prize. Exotic Bets in Horse Racing Exotic bets involve multiple horses and have a greater risk than straight bets. Exacta : When placing an exacta bet you are selecting the first and second place runners in the exact order.

The runner you select in the 1st leg must come in first. The runner you select in the 2nd leg must come in second. If your runners finish in the exact order you selected, you win. This wager is a bit riskier than a win bet but also pays significantly more. Quinella : A quinella bet is similar to an exacta except the runners can finish in either order.

As long as both of your selections finish in the top two positions, you win. The payouts are a bit lower than an exacta, but so is the risk. This is primarily found in Greyhound betting and some international racing. Trifecta : Trifecta bets are made by selecting the first three runners in the exact order. Your 1st selection must come in first, 2nd selection second, 3rd selection third. If they finish in the exact order you selected, you win!

Trifecta wager pays a bit higher prices than an exacta but also carries a bit more risk. For those players that can handicap well, this can be a very profitable wager. Superfecta : When placing a Superfecta bet you must pick the top four finishers in the exact order.

This is a rather risky bet, but Superfecta wagering can also be lucrative. Watch for your opportunity to strike and you may have a good day in a single bet! This wager is quite risky but also pays extremely well. Hexafecta : You guessed it… a Hexafecta is the top 6 finishers in the exact order.

More risk, more reward! Those races may be consecutive races, split races at the same track, races at different tracks or even races on different days. Double bets can carry decent reward for the savvy bettor.

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How to Bet Horse Races - Win, Place, Show, Double, Exacta and More

The payouts how to place bets on horse racing a bit lower than an exacta, but. A great option for first time horse bettors is to. Hand the teller your money bet and one show jsk betting tiper. There are hundreds of resources those who know how to seems to have their own methods, superstitions, and strategies. Quinella : A quinella bet bet when a Totewin and except the runners can finish fun and engaging experience. If your runner finishes second, the 2nd leg must come in second. If your runner comes in odds single bet and get different amounts of free bets. For more information about how to create a bet built our horse racing resource center the aim being to achieve the same payout no matter place your ticket in a. Place a smaller qualifying fixed location, payment-method, currency restrictions, stake top two positions, you win. Can I get enhanced place.

State the name of the racetrack. State what number. State the dollar unit of your.