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What is it? Why is it so valuable? Should I buy some? How do I buy some? Yes, this is actually happening! And why not? Imagine a gigantic piece of paper that lists every transaction ever completed.

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Castle on a hill metanom bets

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The house has water, electricity and public sewage — must be seen — you will love it. Further information from the Secretary on It is to help put in place a permanent stage back-drop for the young students at the school to continue to perform their own productions. Or you can book your tickets on the website www. Bring your listed camera along to one of the gigs le who the Not ie! Send us the link ail. The rules: months 1. Free Gig must be used within 3 won. Period December excluded. Women Of Fire are a supportive non-profit making business and networking group exclusively for women and are now well established since their launch in January — and what a year it has been for them.

The women who are attending their lunches come from diverse fields and many are finding inspiration from each other especially in such a difficult economic climate. Women Of Fire meet on the last Friday of the month at different venues and at a lunch you will find many things….. You may find that inspiration you are looking for, improve your client base or hear of a fabulous business or job opportunity that is right for you. Women Of Fire have supported two charities so far -Paul.

Women Of Fire are looking forward to meeting all you ladies who are either working, running her own business, thinking of setting up a business or even wanting to meet and make new friends over fine dining. Their November lunch is on Friday 25th November and they will hold their celebratory Christmas lunch on Friday 16th December at the same venue. All members will have their Christmas lunch paid for by Women Of Fire and there is still plenty of time to join beforehand to take advantage of this.

If you would like to know more about Women of Fire, please look on their website www. Jenni Ray and her team at the fabulous Grand Designs house braved the threatened rain and the high winds to put on a fantastic Bonfire Night event, with a full house crowd of people. The afternoon started in glorious sunshine with a flags and pistols display from Los Pistoleros which was followed by line dancing and a Wild West saloon bar brawl from Los Pistoleros.

As darkness fell under a spectacular sunset over the lake, the bonfire was lit and the guys thrown to the flames. Finally after more line dancing the fireworks lit up the sky. We would like to thank everyone who bought tickets and By Your Side who generously donated a prize for us to raffle. The entertainment continued long after the fireworks for those who could brave the cold for another couple of hours!

A massive thank you to Jenni and her team for a very successful night and to everyone who contributed to PCN by buying raffle tickets. We do have a couple of unclaimed raffle prizes, the ticket numbers are 13 Yellow and Orange please contact Susan Reader sueinthesun hotmail. For fun events in the future check out the websites www.

The event which will take place on Friday 9th December at 7. The choir is under the direction of Tom Pargeter who also plays trombone in the band. Ian vine directs the band and both the choir and band will perform items on their own as well as leading the community carols.

This should be a most enjoyable evening, entrance is free and it is hoped that there will be much support from both the local people and those who live further afield. Los Alcazares, Avda. Rio Nalon 42 Pedestrian zone, near hotel and Mercadona Plaza. Sunday 11th Fun and Games for all the family Starting at MU - Mazarron - el Palmar, km When we have a few rainy days in succession I am faced with no place to go and have to tackle the dreaded annual house clean, in readiness for our Open House in December to raise money for ASILA Torreveija.

Throughout the year I am asked by people if they can look inside the Grand Design house, and while I can understand their curiosity I could never do it. In October, I could have so easily opened the house for Halloween, there were that many cobwebs.

No sooner had I brushed them away, a new web appeared in its place within a couple of days. I had to get tough and use chemicals but at least my cobwebs are no match for the largest spider web in the world which is in Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas. Mediterranean Black Widow Latrodectus tredecimguttatus The wolf spider Lycosa tarantula is also found in arid zones such a Los Monegros in Arago and has been falsely attributed to the belief that this species was the cause of the Tarantela, when it is in fact the Black Widow Spider featured above.

Their bite can also be painful but is not dangerous. This spider web is created by millions of spiders working together and covers metres of trees. What variaties of spiders are found here in Spain? Am I in danger living alongside these 8 legged creatures?..

Are they poisnous? The original legend tells that someone who had supposedly been bitten by the spider had to dance to an upbeat tempo to sweat the poison out. So it seems I will never be able to be rid of them however how hard I try. In any case they are environmentally friendly in that they catch all the insects, making my home a fly and mosquito free zone However, unless I was being paid a lot of money, like those celebrities doing a bushtucker trial, I would never attempt it, let alone the spanish ones!

All with good reason, as although only 3 out of the species, living in Spain are found to be poisnous, One of them is the highly dangerous Black Widow Spider. They can give a nasty, painful bite although are not normally fatal. The fear of spiders is actually known as Arachnophobia is quite a recent phenomon I would guess, as spiders date back millions of years. In fact in a million year old spider web found with its prey entrapped and preserved in a chunk of amber from the San Just site in Spain This dates back to the Early Cretaceousa time when Earth was home to the pterosaurs, the largest animals to fly and many dinosaurs.

The hysteria began at some time during the Middle ages in Taranto in Southern Italy from where it spread out, reaching Spain in the 15th century. Victims were cured by making them dance to a frenzied music: the tarantela.. As late as , the Spanish Royal Faculty of Medicine was recommending such antics as a cure for a bite. Santa will also be there with lots of sweets for all the children.

Book a Lake hay ride for the whole family Call or email dtray supanet. We do not recommend painting over varn ished wood. The easiest way to remove varnish is by using an advanced Paint Stripper that rap idly strips up to 15 layers of paint or varnish. You should then prime bare wood with a good qua lity Wood Primer followed by your preferred finish.

A kitten called Scampi had a lucky escape after he climbed into a washing machine moments before it was put on a spin cycle. The inquisitive eight-week old ginger and white cat hopped into the washing machine when owner Frances Leate, 29, left the room to gather some washing.

Ms Leate, of Colchester, Essex placed more clothes into the drum and switched the load on for a 40 - d eg ree wash. T h e mum-ofone was texting. She rushed into her kitchen to be confronted with the awful sight of the the washing machine filling with water before starting to spin. Ms Leate switched the machine off but the water remained in the drum and the automatic lock initially prevented her from opening the door. Awnings Poolcovers Excellent quality with 5 years guarantee and After Sales Service Guaranteed to beat any genuine quote Telephone Telephone anytime anytime Jim Jim -- Finding that her pet was still breathing, Ms Leate rushed Scampi to the vets where after an overnight stay he made a full recovery.

She was told the little kitten had a large amount of water on his lungs and was extremely lucky to be alive. He is cute, vulnerable and tiny - and utterly oblivious to becoming an internet star. The second clip shows the rodent gently rocking as with his eyes closed and little paws tucked in he takes deep breaths, while being cradled in the hand of a nature officer, who gently strokes the top of his head with his thumb. The dormouse was in a deep sleep when he was discovered by the Surrey Wildlife Trust during a survey of nesting boxes in woods near Leatherhead.

He did not wake up when he was taken out to be weighed and carried on snoring while ecologists recorded this video. They are active only in the late spring, summer and autumn months when they feast on fruits, nectar, insects and hazel nuts in order to fatten up for their deep sleep through winter. With Scampi struggling to keep his head above water, she dashed outside and frantically asked neighbour Pam Morris to help.

The pair finally managed to. Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, daily grooming guaranteed! Professional trained team. Christmas availability: Only 3 left external, but still 2 internal heated areas for small dogs available Call now to reserve.

Spain raised 2. On the three-month bills, the annualised interest rate Spain had to pay more than doubled to 5. On the six-month bills they surged to 5. Demand in the financial markets for the debt was strong, outstripping supply by more than three-toone, and allowing Spain to meet its target of raising up to 3bn euros. But the rise in yields suggests that investors do not feel more optimistic that the new government will be able to fix the economy and meet budget-cut targets.

With Italy having now joined Greece, Portugal and the Irish Republic on the eurozone critical list, it is looking like Spain will be next. In comparison, Germany only has to pay an interest rate of 1. It is because Spain does not fit the narrative. Until now it has been easy to blame southern Europeans for their economic woes.

Portugal also borrowed and spent too much. Italy, while more frugal, simply has way too much debt - a legacy of government profligacy from way back in the s and s. But Spain has been a model European. Unlike, say, Germany. Competitive rates for all types of translation.

That latter requirement was dropped at the outset, because otherwise Germany itself would have failed to qualify. Its debts, when the euro was created in , were What about Spain? When it joined the euro in , it admittedly also broke the debt rule, with a ratio of But the Spanish government then proceeded to run a balanced budget on average - that is to say, its borrowing was zero - every year until the eve of the financial crisis.

The reason is that Spain is facing an impossible economic dilemma. When Spain joined the euro, interest rates fell to the much lower levels typical in Germany. While the Spanish government resisted the lure of cheap loans, most ordinary Spaniards did not. The country experienced a long boom, underpinned by a housing bubble, as Spanish households took on bigger and bigger mortgages.

During the boom years, Spaniards earned more and spent more. More economic activity means more tax revenues. But it also helped push Spanish wages up to uncompetitive levels. Now Spain is bust. Its workers are overpriced compared with German workers. Its construction sector - bloated during the building boom - has collapsed. Households are cutting their spending as they struggle to repay their debts. And unemployment - always high in Spain - has shot up to The economy, which grew 3.

So, although the Spanish government still has relatively little existing debts, it is now having to borrow like crazy to fill the gap left by the jump in unemployment benefits and collapse in tax revenues during the downturn. And the government may also have to throw a lot more money at its banks, which are looking very exposed to the housing collapse thanks to all the mortgages they have lent.

All of which makes financial markets nervous about lending to Spain. Try again. Surely not! This story depicts not only the constant tension and bickering between two eleven year old boys who are thrown together but torment and cruelty. Kingshaw narrates his sad tale of victimisation and he gives us such a sad insight into his innumerable insecurities, fears and abject misery as soon as he arrives at Warings with his mother, Mrs Helena Kingshaw who is really looking for another husband rather than a job as housekeeper with all the trimmings of security and stability.

Hooper enjoys inflicting cruelty on weak-minded boys like Kingshaw making his short life utterly miserable. Frightening but no doubt both writers believed that children especially boys were capable of becoming so evil as to want to kill and enjoy the power of it. It is extremely worrying that the adults are totally oblivious to this intense hatred between the two boys because they are too wrapped up in their own dream worlds.

Helena is preoccupied with making herself look attractive to Mr Hooper whilst he is thinking of his sexual needs. Both parents are self-centred, unable to show real love and understanding to their children when they need it most. Mr Hooper fails to understand or care about his son in the way that his father showed similar neglect and lack of interest in him as a child.

History is merely repeating itself. So, as a consequence, the boys have not experienced love and they grow up insecure, frightened and evil. The only normal person is a child called Fielding who tries to befriend Kingshaw until Hooper tries to destroy this friendship. Hang Wood is appropriately named, a dense copse near Warings where the boys become lost and we see how vulnerable these boys actually are. Hill admits that this was written for adults but do they read it?

Not usually. Teenagers are the ones who not only read it but study it at school. ISBN: During the turbulent year of the International Brigades pulled out and the Second Spanish Republic was forced back on its dwindling resonances. Like other towns and villages, Alqueria also suffered trauma.

Roque Rodriquez, father of the present day mill owner Fernando supported those whom offered financial reward. The Nationalists. He had nothing but guile and cunning and a desire for the Olive Mill. He hid in a cave just above the Alqueria. A cave supplied by Roque in return for the Olivarera de Alqueria. The Rodriquez family now had the mill and Matas brought up his only son in the cold damp cave.

Believing the Civil War to be still on, Galeno Matas to this day lurks in the dark, dank lair. The cave his. Father had so unwisely traded for the Olive Mill. April 15th is a day of religious celebration in Alqueria. The womenfolk assemble at the church and particularly its gable-end where they count the strange impact craters. A new one appears every 14th of April. This is believed to be a sign of divine protection. An offering worthy of such spiritual piety.

The 14th April is the anniversary of the instigation of the Second Spanish Republic and Matas always celebrates the occasion. He loads his old smooth bore Mauser from his diminishing stock of ammunition and fires a shot for the Republic. This projectile is always aimed at the gable-end of the church where it impacts with a satisfying puff of. He has struck his blow, a blow which he knows is welcomed by those in the village who hide their allegiances and still live in fear.

His yearly banquet never fails to materialise. The womenfolk of the village walk the two kilometres to their stone shrine where they give thanks. Their offering has been accepted, completely de-materialised with the plates and crockery scrupulously washed and dried.

Faith is such a wonderful thing. So the life of Alqueria continues in it complex merry-go-round of intrigue and misunderstanding. More of him later If your total pension savings exceed or are likely to exceed this limit you need to take action now to protect yourself from unnecessary tax charges. The Lifetime Allowance LTA is a limit on the value of retirement benefits that you can draw from your pension schemes before tax penalties apply.

When benefits. The first test against the LTA comes when you start drawing your pension. You will always have a second lifetime allowance test. If you subsequently buy an annuity this is a BCE, or there will automatically be one when you reach.

If you die before age 75 any lump sums paid to your beneficiaries will be subject to the LTA test. Once you have fixed protection you cannot make any further contributions to registered pension schemes or accrue any more benefits. To protect your pension you need to take action.

Contact a wealth management firm like Blevins Franks to discuss the options for your pension fund and how to make it as tax efficient as possible. Statements relating to taxation are based upon current taxation laws and practices which may be subject to change.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website www. A Red Indian thought he might eat toffee in class initially! Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 Annual virus 9 6 Full of flavor 5 9 On the beach 7 10 Boat in Venice 7 11 Deletion 7 12 Imperial ruler 7 13 Steals from stores 9 15 Entice 5 16 Modelled 5 19 Stunt plane 9 22 Instructions on food preparation 7 23 A distant settlement 7 25 Mediterranean sailing ship 7 26 Choking or retching 7 27 Is concerned for 5 28 Prediction 9.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford. Thanks go out to all the HELP VB volunteers who bravely took all the goods to the Asturias on Friday night in the pouring rain and to those who braved the weather at 7 am on Saturday morning in order to get the upstairs rooms in Asturias prepared; and to those who enthusiastically manned the stalls on the day.

Also a very big thank you to Carlos for allowing us to hold the event at the Asturias Restaurant again for free, and to his staff for turning up at 7 am to open up and let us in. Finally a big thank you to those who have spent the best part of the last 3 months organising the event namely Pat Perrin and Ruth Mead without whose enthusiasm and dedication this event would not have run so smoothly. We have had a few people in putting down deposits for a cycle for their loved one for Christmas which is great.

However many people who already have a cycle still require various gadgets to enhance it. Lynn and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and remember as long as you are cycling on a regular basis you can eat and drink what you like within reason. Hasta Luego. This was a really long ride and we had all been looking forward to it for a long time.

It will be our last all day trip this year and we had a ball with some fantastic scenery that you just do not get to appreciate in a car. We left Quesada through the arches on a lovely Tuesday morning as it was a red day and we had another day off. We cycled up the hill and onto a dirt track which takes you right into the car park of the Fortaleza restaurant where we all had our first coffee of the day.

We then turned right and first left heading for the reservoir de La Pedrera and followed this road to the first junction where we turned left and after metres turned right signposted Torreaguera. This was a beautiful picturesque route and we followed the road for about 11kms until we came to a roundabout where we went straight across and headed for Sucina.

We picked up the blue cycle track and just followed it all the way past Canada de San Pedro where we stopped for a refreshment and a Tapas. After about an hour we continued along the blue track all the way to San Javier passing Sucina and El Mirador straight into San Javier and Santiago de la Ribera where we cycled along the sea front and stopped for our lunch.

After lunch we cycled along the coast road through San Pedro and El Mojon heading for Pilar de la Horadada where we took the new cycle track which runs along the side of the N We followed this track all the way to the hospital at Torrievieja where we cycled through the town and picked up the old railway line cycle track which took us all the way back to Los Montosinos where we turned right and cycled on the track back to Quesada. We all arrived back about 6pm as it was just getting dark, we found a nice restaurant where we settled down for supper and a beer and discussed the days events.

The summary was we had a great cycle and was probably the best one that we have done all year certainly the longest for most of us. Well done Team Cyclogical. Lynn and I would like to wish all of our customers and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope that Santa brings you all some exciting cycle accessories or even a new bike.

All the best from Gary and Lynn. Next Month : The new years resolution. Put the first four ingredients in a pan and cover with cold water. Cover, bring to the boil, then remove from heat. Leave to. Place the asparagus in a pan of boiling water. Reduce to a simmer and cook for minutes or until just tender. Drain; refresh under cold water. Drain and pat dry. Roll the pastry into a rectangle, 30 x Rinse out the pan, put over a medium heat and melt the butter.

Add the flour and stir to make a paste. Cook for 1min. Remove from the heat and gradually stir in the Noilly Prat or wine, followed by the reserved cooking liquid. Return to a medium heat and stir constantly until thickened slightly. Simmer gently for 2min, then stir in the cream. Simmer for 5min, then stir in the mustard and season. Preheat the grill to medium. Flake the fish into bite-sized pieces. Stir the spinach into the sauce, followed by the fish and prawns.

Combine the breadcrumbs and cheese and sprinkle over the fish mixture. Grill for min until golden. Serve with seasonal vegetables. Place on a baking sheet lined with non-stick baking parchment. Prick the centre all over with a fork and place in the oven for 5 minutes or until it starts to rise. Season, then beat in the egg. Remove the pastry from the oven and flatten the centre inside the border to make a well. Pour in the egg mixture. Arrange asparagus on top and scatter with remaining cheese.

Bake for minutes or until pastry is crisp. Remove, scatter over the eggs and garnish with parsley. Serve warm or at room temperature. Heat oil in a large pan. Add garam masala, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Cook for a couple of mins. Add onion and garlic and cook for 1 min more. Add chilli, ginger and fresh tomatoes. Cook gently for about mins until tomatoes break down, then stir in rice until completely coated. Pour in passata and stir, then fill up jar with water and add.

Season well, then leave to simmer gently and rice to cook, stirring occasionally. Add a little hot water from kettle, if needed. Cook for 20 mins. Heat remaining oil in a pan and add mushrooms. Season and cook for about 5 mins until they soften, then add to rice mixture. Stir in half of coriander and use rest to top rice when serving. Serve with naan bread and mango chutney. Now add olive oil while still mixing, along with 1 heaped tsp flour. Leave to mix for about mins till dough begins to cling to beaters.

The mixture will still be soft and sticky. You need a hot oven for baking pizza! Knead: Tip out dough onto lightly floured board and knead for mins till smooth and. To knead: lift opposite side of dough, fold towards you, push firmly down with heel of hand, do a quarter turn and repeat. Return dough to mixing bowl, cover with clingfilm and put somewhere warm to prove for hrs or till at least doubled in size. Roll and stretch: Punch dough down, turn out onto lightly floured board and knead for a few seconds.

Divide dough into 4 and knead each one to form a ball. Cover balls in clingfilm and leave to rest for 5 mins. Now roll each one out as much as you can - it will keep springing back - then stretch the edges, turning it as you go till it is large enough for base and about 3mm thick. Put onto hot pizza stone or hot baking sheet, one at a time. Cook and top Put into oven to bake for about 1 min - the base will bubble up a little so you need to puncture bubbles with a knife.

Cook till it starts to just turn pale golden. Remove from oven, turn over, then top with a smear of passata about tbsp using back of a tablespoon, leaving a thin edge. Now top with mozzarella, basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano. Return to oven and cook for mins or till crust turns golden and cheese has melted. The base should be completely firm when you cut a slice. Serve immediately. The effervescent Crazy Ladies seemed to have endless energy, performing to music from shows and films, with costume changes for each set.

They also had the audience in stitches with their comedy. Jim began his musical career at the start of the Sixties, playing in local groups, and played consistently into the Millennium. He is a supporter of local charities, including MABS. Jack Anderson not only acted as MC for the evening, but he and wife Georgie, who heads up Crazy Ladies, were responsible for the organisation of the whole evening.

What started out as a one-off event proved so popular, that it looks like I will be organising it every year, which I am delighted to do. Oyez, Oyez, Oyez. So come along and join us at our annual Pantomime Which this year is Aladdin, our hero and a champ Come and meet the Genie residing in the lamp Just hear that villain roar! Come see our Widow Twankey, a widow Truly Fair We bid Adieu to all of you and hope to see you there Tickets available from San Luis Christmas shop.

Over mums dads and children turned up to the annual Christmas Fun Day where the panto group helped to make it a very colourful day. TKO radio entertained and trainloads of families kept arriving at the fun day. Children waited in an excited line to meet Santa in his grotto and to receive a pre Christmas present all under the watchful eye of organiser Lucy who did a splendid job once again and made it a successful event.

The show opens with Spring and predictably the number Spring, Spring, Spring followed by several numbers relating to that season. Summertime is the first number of the Summer season followed by comedy, dance and song to complete the hot season with a bit of Steam Heat thrown in. You are given the opportunity to have a free seasonal drink and nibbles in the interval to get you ready for the winter season. You are invited to join in singing to the carols in the latter part of the show.

Call Sue at the above number to reserve tickets.. Start the Christmas Season off by coming along and having an enjoyable evening whilst helping those less fortunate than yourselves. Check out our website to find out more about Rascals www. Not to mention a fair few beers too!

There was a quiz on India and their culture, not surprisingly one of the questions was — which is the favourite Indian dish eaten in the U. Graeme Mykal, the amazing magician was there to entertain everyone with table magic and he also hosted two games of Play Your Cards Right which resulted in someone from almost every table having at least one go. The winners of the quiz and play your cards right all won vouchers for meals for two in local restaurants, one of course being the Indian Ocean.

This night was so popular it may well become a regular event. Sat 26th Nov : A. Js Bar La Marina. Pre-Christmas Show. S Christmas Show with guest. Los Arcos. Time 8pm Wed. Start 4pm Thur 15th Dec : R.

Mil Pailmeris Olympia Time 6. Then perhaps you should consider if there is another reason for those stubborn pounds. The medical profession has finally realised the connection between stress and obesity and are rolling out programmes to combat stress. However, there is a new alternative and this is Emotional Freedom Techniques! A perfect blend between Chinese acupressure and modern psychotherapy, EFT as it is commonly known as is making the news with its quick, effective and long lasting results.

FREE demonstrations are also offered to local charities. EFT is safe for use on adults, children and even animals. For more information, visit www. Come and join us ladies on a fun day out to Benidorm. Coach to Benidorm with usual frills, shopping in the market, more shopping, matinee performance of the Rich Bitch Show, more shopping before returning at 8pm. A few tickets left for the second coach.

Call Rosemary on Saturday night specials Boat Trip to San javier Call Rosemary Operates Monday to Saturday at varying times depending on season. Trips take 30 minutes. Bikes can be taken on board. Tel: Zumba Fitness Classes Every Wed Portraiture and life drawing.

All welcome every Wednesday commencing No membership fees. For further information contact Eli Tel: Or email eli spainmagic. Start 8p. Teams of max. Every Fri Two entertainers previously from an Edinburgh function band called Direction. For further information Tel: For further information and booking contact Paula Tel: or email: healthywellbeings live. For further information and booking contact Paula Tel: or email: pdtraining hotmail.

For more info Tel: Taxis Minibuses Coaches www. Own-boat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Excellent recession proof business with no overheads and all cash. Due to relocation this front line store in Mojacar is for sale. All fixtures and fittings included in sale.

Priced to sell Serious enquiries only or Mature qualified ex UK Care Home Manager would like to assist people in their own home with any care needs, travel, cleaning, shopping etc. PC repairs on the and upgrades done in your Costas own home. To find out more, please phone Martin Freeman on or send an e-mail to martin.

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Where sport on the telly is concerned I have the attention span of a goldfish. Occasionally I will be moved to actually watch an event, but I generally I use it as a sleep aid; I soon find the mind wandering and the eyelids drooping. However, I did watch the Betfair Chase in its entirety. He jumped off in the lead, and to stay in front for 3 miles and over 18 fences was surely asking too much. Yet stay in front he did. Once my pulse rate had come down out of the red zone I got to thinking; how much is this equine money earner worth?

Surprisingly, not a lot. He is a gelding, a castrated male, therefore, once he has ceased to be the fastest, his career is over - no future as the father of hundreds of fleet-footed little Kauto Stars for him. He might have a future as a star in his own right, opening charity events and suchlike, but even that will hardly cover his hay.

If he is ever sold which I doubt he will make someone a very nice riding horse for a couple of thousand pounds, probably. At least, not unless you have nerves of steel and a heightened sense of adventure! We live in a blame game society. If a human error occurs in a hospital because of overwork and exhaustion, then it is inevitable that a doctor or nurse must be shot at dawn and if someone is stupid enough to take a sip of hot coffee in a restaurant resulting in a burnt mouth, then of course the restaurant is negligent and damages are demanded.

Whether we walk into a tree in the park because it is not looking where it is going, twist an ankle whilst legging it from the house we have just burgled or been spoken to harshly by the boss. The British public has lost the ability to take responsibility for its own actions and we are encouraged to delegate accountability elsewhere.

The lawyers rub their pudgy hands with glee as the loot rolls in and our society slides further down the greasy slope into self centred mediocrity. But ask yourself this: When was Britain at its strongest and when in its history was it the most respected country in the world with many of its institutions like justice, education and democracy imitated by others? Was it: a Up to the mid twentieth century or b Since? To this day I still hold the door open for a lady to pass through, and if I travelled by bus, then I guarantee that I would give my seat to a lady or senior citizen instead of mugging them.

Mind you finding someone older than me is becoming increasingly difficult, but you take my point. Because shock horror, when our parents needed something, they waited until they could afford to pay for it in cash, and let me tell you, it was always worth waiting for. Debt was a four letter word. As we approach Christmas, I remember with great fondness those past Christmases as a boy, when the anticipation of the big day was almost too much to.

The excitement when the tree went up for the first time, and decorating it with the same baubles, tinsel and lights that had been used the previous year and for years before that, is something that would not be believed today. And neither was it us who began the trend of using the time of year to indulge in a spending orgy using money that we did not have. Quite right. In fact, if the experience, sagacity and wisdom of the old was utilised today, then the wet behind the ears kids in politics who think they know it all but possess not an ounce of common sense or genuine respect between them, might learn something.

I have lived in Spain for 20 years. I presume most of the readers already know that so I will not bore you with further details, but you and I have moved here because, presumably, there is a free movement of citizens within the EU. That said; the movement is not as free as we are led to believe. There are a net of strings attached to us, when we move within EU.

These strings are called E-forms with different numbers. Judging from the ones, I have been in contact with, there are a couple of hundred, but of course they might have started with number just to impress us! As a simple citizen it is plain impossible to find our way through all these forms — not to mention when we reach pension age and struggle even to remember the multiplication table.

So the nice EU bureaucrats have written page after page, published on Internet as a free service to us, the EU-citizens. Oh, hi! Nevertheless, when it is a one-in-a-million case, local authorities have the E-forms in stock and are issuing them in a matter of seconds — like e. They panic! They freeze like a rabbit caught in the head-lights. I envision them sitting at their desks paralyzed, incapable of moving, staring with un-seeing eyes into the abyss.

If you nudge them, they might be able to rattle off a mechanical answer that has nothing to do with what you need, followed by the advice that if you want to appeal, you can do so to an entity that has absolutely nothing to do with your problem. But never forget, they are from the Government and are here to help you!?!

Go ahead punk, make my day! You would have thought that by now I would be assimilated, but I am still totally in awe of the Spanish readiness to react without any consideration to consequences. But as I know behaviour like that has repercussions, I restrain myself and stick to whispering swearwords under my breath. Illustration: I once had a Spanish secretary.

When she got infuriated with me — which was a nearly daily event, as I had the nerve to insist that she carried out my instructions, and not gallivant around in the organisation spreading rumours — she would stomp around in the office, scream and shout at me, and bang the doors with the effect of a 6 point earthquake. Another example is the new Torrevieja school busses that were sabotaged by someone, who apparently has knowledge about that particular type of engine.

New concession, 20 drivers laid off. Anybody feel like guessing, whom might be the culprits? She has lived in Spain since and has aquired indepth knowledge of Spanish law, administration and culture - Email: lbtmarshall yahoo. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist. Ask for details. Mark Knopfler is on European tour alongside Bob Dylan; artistes avoid Spain due to bootlegging I suspect - so the nearest venue was Rome honest officer! EasyJet and Ryanair proudly managed to be late every time on all 4 legs which is par for the course but takes any tiny sliver of enjoyment out of travelling and tramples it underfoot.

Alicante Airport laid on free entertainment; a young couple trying to evade checking their cases in. She wore two huge overcoats with three jumpers underneath. He wore a similar amount with added jumpers wrapped around his waist and clothes stuffed up his back giving him a Quasimodo like appearance.

Their travel suitcases also bulged so check in staff rightly asked them to close the zips that expand the cases. This was not possible so the man opened one case and flung her underwear onto the floor and then stuffed it all into his pockets, really classy. The girl did her best to get thrown off as a disruptive passenger as she screamed, swore and cried in equal measure.

Hang on! Fearing a riot Ryanair displayed their version of excellent customer service by not checking bag sizes when they were nearly two hours late. Airport cafes had plenty of Euros from us as we bought snacks and drinks whilst we waited ; which come to think of it may just be the sneaky master plan as one flight in particular Ryanair took off exactly 1 hour and 58 minutes late so just missing the compensation limit set at 2 hours. Madrid Terminal one and Alicante airports must surely vie for the most expensive yet unimaginative and foul offerings.

I noticed staff only pick on certain people; normally ones with floppy bags, they must know which brands comply and so avoid those makes. So the moral of the story is to use a suitcase that is no larger than 55 x 45 x 20cm or risk becoming free entertainment for the other passengers! Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain!

These autumn rains have snuck up on me. Yes, it will be difficult going. And lots of unconventional words will sneak up and bite you but you do stand a chance of learning something possibly unique. A man of my own words I have selected something to get my teeth into like learning to read Mayan hieroglyphics picture writings. It will come in handy in these coming end times I suspect.

HELL, you probably already knew that. But I had to read pages before that gem is wee wisdom crept off the page and took me but back to the beginning making me feel I had gone no where. I shall persevere and hope you do also. The world is begging for new ideas to solve very old problems. Thousands of people around the planet marked Guinness World Records Day with bid to get into the record books.

Ranging from the weird to the downright dangerous, bids included 57 people in Canary Wharf, London, who piled into a large pair of bright pink underpants to break the record for the most people in a pair of pants. In the German city of Hamburg, a man ran a record-breaking metres with his protective clothing on fire, picking up a prize for the longest distance full-body burn without oxygen.

Essex played host to the largest Cream Tea Party, attracting people while Dubliners managed to return the record for the most. Canary Wharf also held a world record race between the fastest toilet, the smallest roadworthy car and the fastest mobility scooter. In the Netherlands, 1, took part in a mass Macarena dance while in Florida, 91 year-old Bernice Mary Bates was named the oldest yoga teacher. Rich palettes have a new after dinner luxury to add to their Christmas menu this year - a British cheese made with real gold.

Clawson Stilton Gold is made from premium white Stilton and shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf and real goldliqueur. Makers Long Clawson Dairy, in Leicestershire, say they have already been contacted by a variety of interested parties - including a Gulf-based oil sheikh and a famous pop star.

A new course has been launched in Britain to teach people how to survive a zombie invasion. Groups of eight attending the one day course will first be given training by expert military instructors. A f t e r being issued with boots, helmets, safety goggles, Kevlar body armour, jackets and trousers, the group will be taught how to. The main mission takes place in a warehouse full of zombies, where the participants are split into pairs to put into practice the skills they have learnt.

From netting. Although this single point still leaves them in the div 2a relegation zone on 10 points, recent displays are showing signs that a climb up the table is imminent. Almeria started the more brightly, and could easily have been awarded a penalty on 16 minutes, when a Paz hand ball inside the area was. Midway through the 1st half, a cheeky back heel by Soriano was comfortably held by visiting keeper Reina.

Los Albinegros mounted their first real assault on goal after 33 minutes, but Goiria headed just over from 10 yards out. Vidal should have put the home side ahead on 40 minutes, but when through on goal, he shot tamely into the side. The majority of the 7, crowd including a goodly traveling faithful were loudly appealing for a penalty in favour of the home side, but as in the first half, a clear hand ball by Julien on 49 mins went unpunished.

Moments later, Ulloa again failed to find the vital touch needed on a teasing left wing cross, as Almeria attacked in numbers. Reina came to his sides rescue, when he superbly saved a goal bound effort by Almeria front man Corona. But although they were on the back foot for the vast. Cartagena who almost stole it in stoppage time, courtesy of a Josemi header which just cleared the cross bar. Bookings for Paz and Julien marred an otherwise highly successful night for a jubilant Cartagena team.

Next up for Cartagena is a home match at Cartagonova Stadium against high flying Valladolid. This div 2a match takes place on Sat 26 Nov, ko 6pm. Comparative commentary on the vocabulary shows how variable slang can be. Partridge in Words! Probably all of the words shown would produce rich etymologies; those that stand out for us are godasses and singe.

It is not surprising that tinned meat, being of major importance to front-line soldiers, should have a strong slang identity, nor that there should be a range of etymologies: Partridge proposes an origin from the French military experience in Africa:. And Dauzat notes the development from singe to gorille , a good example of how slang grows. The little text below was written because of the gentle request of Julian Walker and Christophe Declercq who asked me to share some observations on the German-Russian phrasebook.

Indeed, not long ago the authors of this blog shared a beautiful German-Russian phrasebook published for German soldiers. The Russian army widely used also pocket dictionaries and phrasebooks for three or even four languages at once e. Interesting, the chapters in the German phrasebook are small and their content is directly related to the place or situation of conversation patrol, railway station, billets, transport with POW, hospital etc. After a brief comparison of both books, I assume that the tone of talking is equal.

Maybe, the German book is a little bit rougher and the Russian a little bit more polite especially with civilians. But when the soldiers and officers need to speak with a spy or POWs or deserters all questions and manners are quite similar. I need to mention that Werkhaupt sometimes made mistakes in Russian e. The Russian book is bigger than the German version and contains the templates of military orders for the civilian population of occupied territories, a small dictionary of military terms and the most interesting!

Surprisingly, the German book lacks it. Then, due to a nearby Russian translation, the reader will understand what the German [soldier] wants to say. The last phrase is in German but written in Russian Cyrillic. Some places are also taken for the civilians they were presented as very obedient people.

Interesting, this book has no answers of Poles, they remained in silence. But the Germans are made very loquacious:. Thus, these two phrasebooks are very interesting examples of the very complicated process of understanding and negotiating between two sides of the Eastern front. Munchen: Academischer Verlag, Mart Russko-nemetskiy voprosnik : Dlya g. Plekhanov i poruchik German.

Varshava : tip. Petrograd : tip. Trenke i Fyusno, Petrograd : Berezovskiy, tsenz. XI, s. Moskva : K. Kovzan, Kratkiy russko-frantsuzsko-nemetskiy perevodchik dlya ofitserov i nizhnikh chinov, sovershenno ne vladeyushchikh frantsuzskim i nemetskim yazykami.

Voyennyy perevodchik na russko-bolgarsko-rumyno-turetskom yazykakh. Odessa: tip. Odessa: Ye. Fesenko, Blighty was a compilation magazine enterprisingly put together in and and delivered free to BEF soldiers and members of the Royal Navy.

Affirming the idea of home that the forces were defending, this magazine was proposed as a reaching out of home humour, though often drawing from the experience of the troops, even at the Front; its humour was self-feeding and circular. Humour based on words featured heavily, as might be expected. We offer here three examples from a fragile copy of issue No 2, 7 June The first is from The Bystander , an excruciating page of examples of how metaphors look when taken literally.

Schoolboy humour, but as has been said so often, many of the readers were little more than schoolboys; the much referred to Comic Cuts contains very similar wordplay, as do a lot of the trench journals. The combination of the naivety of this material and the circumstances that it was read in is difficult to grasp.

The same cartoon would have remained relevant, though mostly with pennies being shot at, for long after the war, if ebay is anything to go by. Again, it is about the mind seeking refuge. Countering these examples of the fragility of the human mental frame is the image of the flapper. Before the war flappers were supposed generally to wear their hair in pigtails. The first page suggests the kind of language familiar from French lessons at school some decades ago, not formal, but probably way out of date or place.

However, certain sections are designated as compilations of French phrases — these are not specific to the wartime experience. This is followed by another, untitled, but between two soldiers, which is a curious mixture of registers. It is all, however, very proper. Such camaraderie is balanced by the phrase that ends page A brief midweek post today, a postcard in which a soldier, Len, writes to Glad thanking her for getting him a dictionary — presumably a French-English dictionary — which he says will be very useful.

This appears elsewhere in postcards sent in , again with a similar odd arrangement of red and blue segments, proposing the question, how far from an authentic version of a flag can we go while still being able to recognise it?

Particularly pertinent in the case of the Union flag, as it sometimes seems that any showing of it will provoke someone to complain that it is upside down. For the American doughboy, military training involved more than marching, drilling, and learning to shoot a gun — there were language and learning tests to be conquered.

Camp Lee was the U. This interest in things educational speaks well for the spirit and character of the men of the th. As was brought out in a recent meeting of the war study group, in this war more than in any previous conflict, the individual often must depend solely upon his own resources, and the man well-informed and well-educated is the man who will make good in his army life just as truly as out in the professional or business world….

Germany has fallen down in the mental development of her men—they are mere machines, each a part of the whole intricate organization, which once broken, is completely demoralized. America is not making that mistake—her men will be fitted for their tasks in mind as well as in body, and the th aims to lead the way.

In addition to teaching men to sign their own names for payroll, other articles in the camp newspaper made it clear that literacy was viewed as a key to victory. In addition to combating illiteracy, the American military took on the task of teaching English to its soldiers who were not fluent in the language. As Richard S. I am getting along fine in Camp Lee. We got all cloting already, and we look like a soldiers. Felix Loss subscribed it, for his teacher Miss Catherine Connair.

We have some papers from Sharon, Pa. Thanking you for good wishing to me. I send my best wishes to you, and my regards to my classmate. My wishes to Miss E. I sent some cotton to MR. Masian, my comrade. I hope he showed it in the Night School, because I wrote to him to show to everybody. After a course of ten lessons only, in which it is expected to teach the foreigners in camp the essentials of spoken English, ten further lessons will be given, these having been lately designed by Dr.

Roberts for use in government training camps. It is the object of these to acquaint men with the A, B, C of a military vocabulary. Numerous articles in the Trench and Camp defined unfamiliar terms and army slang such as bunkie, Boche, and having clicked it or being huffed, [7] as well as ammo, cootie, and zero hour. Preparing American soldiers to learn French was taken much less seriously.

Although French lessons were offered at Camp Lee, classes were small perhaps less than fifty men seem to have attended [10]. The newspaper printed short lessons, but these consisted of translating the words for numbers and conversational exercises on purchasing cigarettes in a shop. Kunkiewicz quoted in E. A little familiarity with any Dutch or German might compensate for a lack of Flemish here: a collection of words and sentences for daily use, also a short list of military terms.

Het doel dezer korte versameling van alledaagsche woorden en zinnen is, Belgen te helpen gedurende de eerste dagen van hun verblyf in Engeland. Elk woord hier inbregepen werd gekozen omday het te pas viel in de gevallen die den reiziger in een vreemd land byna onfeilbaar ontmoet.

De laatste bladzyden bevatten de vertaling van eenige krygskundige woorden die nu in dagelyksch gebruik zyn. Included in the section on money, the suggested questions and sentence with their close attention to money indicate the need to economise:. We have seen through looking at many phrasebooks published in that the use of the model of the invented conversation proposes that the reader might find themself in something similar to the portrayed situation, whether it be asking for help with directions, finding out the disposition of enemy troops, or trying to get fodder for horses.

This model derives directly from phrasebook conversations which imagine buying a train ticket, ordering a meal, or buying a shirt. It is in this sense usefully pragmatic, more so than the many phrasebooks for soldiers that tried to paste military campaign terminology onto a model designed for a holiday in France. Porter, get my luggage and take it to a cab. Which raises the question: do phrasebooks direct as much as reflect social milieus milieux?

And particularly, how does this relate to the relationship between the French language and the English language? French adopted into English has mostly retained connotations of higher social status, but how did this impact on the class differentials within the BEF? Upper-middle class young men with commissions may have not blinked at the appearance of the cousin of a marchioness in a lesson 7 of a French language learning book published in , but how would this have looked to the clerks, farm labourers and factory-workers who enlisted, attested or were conscripted?

A proposal then: the reference in a phrasebook, published in , to evening gloves, Russian lace, suggests that in using this phrasebook, and by implication travelling to France at all, the reader should be of a social class that would feel comfortable moving in a world of such stuff.

For the phrase-book-writer working at this time, the model of travel to France was less the trip to Boulogne than the world of opera and dressing for dinner. Early nineteenth-century phrase-books, such as Elements of Conversation by C Gros, published in several editions, suggest no doubt of the social class of the traveller to France, and this background to travel to France continued up to , and arguably later.

Popular memory of the First World War — if Wikipedia is anything to go by — in relation to an important aspect of wartime domestic life concerns pub opening hours and the watering down of beer. The OED, however, has the origin of water alone much earlier, inherited from Germanic and cognate with Old Frisian, and water down dating dating back to the s, which is in line with the n-Gram mentioned earlier. In the First World War, both beer and milk were watered down, their habitual quality lessened for a variety of reasons, mainly supply issues but also — in terms of beer at least— because of lesser alcohol consumption at the home front.

The Family Herald However, there was no complaining about milk as both baby and man crave for it. In Germany as well watering down became part of daily life. Food supply, not least all grains and staple goods, was suffering really badly from both the war and the subsequent blockade.

Whereas any grain harvest dropped substantially from the start of the war onwards, potato production only diminished greatly after a disastrous harvest in , from which it never recovered. The key reason for the decline was the shortage of fertilizer, most of which was imported from South America. Livestock manure, seemingly a solution to the issue, became problematic in its turn as animals increasingly became malnourished. Because of barley shortage beer production declined dramatically.

If Germany produced nearly 70m hectoliters of beer before the war, this dropped to about 24m Karau In Britain the acreage of barley also decreased but most of it was used for feeding stock Hansard , 4 March Bonar Law, the then Chancellor, did not budge and was resolved not to amend the law in place Hansard , 3 July In Baghdad beer supply had to be catered for and this was not without difficulty.

Clearly access to food and beverages in places had become one of privilege. The world of hospitals where beers were in short supply admittedly when no beer is available, every single cry for one pint constitutes a lack of supply , were a world apart from the front. In Belgium the beer situation was an ambiguous one. Behind the front breweries were having a whale of a time.

The population of the unoccupied part of Belgium grew considerably during the war years: not only soldiers from many countries stayed behind the front, but also many thousands of Belgian refugees found temporary accommodation there. They generated a significant demand for beer, which the breweries could hardly accommodate. Despite their limited capacity, the breweries sometimes had to give up their infrastructure temporarily as the yeast tanks were extremely suitable for soldiers for washing and bathing.

In occupied Belgium, however, most economic matters suffered, as did food supply and beer production. Most of the ingredients for beer production were in short supply, not least barley. Anyone who wanted to brew beer had to be creative. Virtually all dishes had to go through such substantial recipe alterations that they contributed to a real change in dietary habits.

The change in quality of food was triggered by necessity and affected many. The Family Herald FH established the fiction-based penny weekly formula and by was credited with a circulation of , Cox and Mowatt The April issue of the journal — the Battle of the Somme started less than two months later — left no imagination as to how much dishes and supply had been watered down because of the war, or how one signified term, the mental concept, assumed a new material form, i.

It is claimed that dried figs are at least as good as chicory, and they are now in great demand. Whether one should read into the claim a strong volition and preference or just wartime propaganda persuading people to accept figs for chicory, is not altogether clear.

Each month the FH listed recipes on several pages. As a sidedish the barley needed for steamed barley fitted one teacup FH Honey colouring could be obtained from any chemist. Such was, according to The Family Herald , the most luxurious replacement recipe, based on a related German production. The cheaper the variants of the main recipe, the fewer ingredients colouring had to go, obviously and the quicker the production cycle, involving as few resources as possible.

This can be seen in a recommendation concerning vinegar.


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