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Por que mauro betting saiu da bandeirantes 2

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The authors quantitatively predict the spinodal line of active Brownian particles by encoding this novel role of self-propulsion in a kinetic model. The authors propose a quantification of the average entropy production for discrete systems with both unidirectional and bidirectional transitions. They apply this to time-dependent resetting processes and explore its influence over the relation between arrow of time and entropy production.

The authors provide experimental evidence that an excitable microlaser with delayed optical feedback is unable to regenerate pulses by the excitable response of the laser. Rather, the paper shows that the system settles down to a stable periodic orbit with equalized timing between pulses. In this paper, the authors use quantum Monte Carlo simulations to find two dimerized phases, connected by a continuous phase transition. The interpretation of the latter in terms of deconfined quantum criticality explains the observed physics beyond the traditional Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm.

In contrast to related spin models with frustration, the competition between two orders is here solely driven by the degree of retardation of the phonon-mediated interaction. The authors theoretically analyze the evaporative cooling of a one dimensional chain of these atoms. They describe the chain thermodynamically, using a novel quasi-equilibrium distribution.

They show that it may be brought close to its quantum ground state, yielding very long one dimensional crystals comprising up to one thousand atoms, in conditions favorable for experimental realization. This work provides proposals for the first fully-analog quantum simulation of select gauge theories using a carefully engineered effective spin-spin Hamiltonian in trapped-ion quantum simulators, with applications beyond gauge theories.

This work uses self-consistent 3D kinetic simulations to quantify and profile currents collected along a Langmuir probe. These results can be used to design optimal probes for a wide range of parameters relevant to the ionosphere, and low density laboratory plasma experiments.

The article describes the application of muon tomography to the detection of unexpected density variations within civil infrastructure. Results from a scan of a disused railway tunnel in the United Kingdom with known density features, namely three open shafts, are presented. The known open shafts are identified with high statistical significance and a further hidden voided shaft is identified and located. In this contribution, the authors measure the broadband optical conductivity of the multifold chiral semimetal RhSi and assign the features observed in the conductivity spectrum to different transitions between the electronic bands.

This paper explores a new binding mechanism of ultra-long-range molecule based on a combination of the latest Rydberg engineering techniques, such as Rydberg dressing and trilobite-type-molecular interaction. The authors show that this newly proposed mechanism can also provide easy control of the binding energy, bond length, and spatial orientation of molecules.

The authors show that graph minor embedding, as often used in quantum annealing, can lead to an exponential overhead for thermal sampling applications. Furthermore, it is shown that unembedding techniques inevitably introduce bias into sampling statistics.

The authors demonstrate that a Rydberg impurity in a Fermi sea leads to a formation of a shell structure of occupied orbitals analogous to the nuclear shell model. At low gas densities, the paper uncovers a rotational blockade that inhibits molecule formation. This suppressed chemical reactivity also leaves its trace in the high-density regime. This paper shows that AMS antiprotons are consistent with a secondary astrophysical origin.

The argument is based on a refined modelling of theoretical and experimental uncertainties, including a realistic modeling of their correlations. The authors consider a realistic dense coding scenario where noise is affecting both the transmission of quantum systems from the sender Bob to the receiver Alice , and the distribution of the resource state from Alice to Bob.

Assuming that this noise is described by the same quantum channel, the authors define its dense coding capacity by optimizing over all adaptive strategies that Alice can implement, while Bob encodes the information by means of Pauli operators. The authors present a series of calculations of thermodynamic quantities for several two dimensional Heisenberg models which are a prototypical host of the quantum spin liquids.

Their analysis reveals that typically in the spin-liquid parameter regimes the ratio of the magnetic susceptibility and entropy vanishes for all considered Hamiltonians. Such behavior indicates a macroscopic number of singlets lying below triplet excitations. The authors present a novel route to generate broadband optical frequency comb in Raman-gas filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber with frequency-spacing smaller than any Raman frequency shift of the gas medium.

This is achieved by having two nearly commensurable Raman frequencies, and by the contribution of non-resonant Kerr nonlinearity in driven Raman gas medium. The authors show a quantum effect in synchronization, namely, interference-based quantum synchronization blockade.

Their results show that state-of-the-art quantum computers enable the study of realistic dissipative quantum systems. The authors study the phase-space motion of an electron in a free-electron laser as an illustration of the transition from the quantum to the classical world. The paper observes a quantum recoil, induced by photon scattering, and notes that the initial state of the electron influences the appearance and the disappearance of quantum effects.

This paper predicts a spontaneous symmetry breaking in the time evolution of a mesoscopic condensate with degenerate internal degrees of freedom, driven by a coherent atom beam. Both entanglement entropy and the statistical entropy peak at the critical time when the spontaneous symmetry breaking takes place. The condensate approaches a steady state that is dictated by the incident atom beam, providing a way to control the distribution of internal degrees of freedom.

This work addresses the role of entanglement states in teleportation and further uncovers a connection between teleportation and discrimination tasks. The authors find the optimal setup of distributed quantum sensing using multimode Gaussian states for estimating the average value of phases encoded in the distributed modes. The results demonstrate that multimode entanglement plays an important role in the precise estimation of a global parameter.

This work demonstrates the breakdown of the Landau paradigm - a standard symmetry breaking quantum phase transition can also admit new critical theories expressed in terms of a deconfined gauge theory coupled with massless Dirac fermions instead of the fluctuating order parameters. The authors show that social contagion dynamics display a complex phase space, characterized by first and second order transitions, bistability, and hysteresis. The authors also extend the concept of latent heat to social contexts, which could provide insights into oscillatory social behaviors.

This paper describes a generalized Lindemann criterion for melting, based on oscillations of the nucleus from atom-in-jellium calculations of electronic structure. It enables for an efficient extrapolation of melting curves to high pressures, without molecular dynamics simulations. The authors apply this result to exoplanet cores and explore the onset of magnetic fields in these.

This work shows a ultra-low threshold phononic comb in a low loss acoustic cavity at milli-Kelvin temperatures compatible with quantum low energy systems. The system is fully excited via piezoelectricity and does not require mode spectra engineering and external optical or microwave signals.

This paper demonstrates the enhancement of ferromagnetic spin correlations on diagonal next-nearest neighbor sites in the doped Mott regime of the two-dimensional Hubbard model. This enhancement correlates with the appearance of the pseudo-gap and the superconducting dome at low temperatures. The nontrivial behavior of the spin correlations is consistent with the predictions from the spin-freezing theory of unconventional superconductivity.

This article provides a description of the quantum mechanical processes underlying polarimetry; for example, classical depolarization is represented by a quantum circuit diagram corresponding to SU 3 operations in an enlarged Hilbert space. The quantum theory of polarimetry can be used to place constraints on classical polarization transformations, find quantum-enhanced polarization measurements, and investigate the quantum structure underlying classical polarization.

The authors show that quantum simulations of stochastic processes require less memory than classical simulations—a key quantum advantage over classical computers. However, this compression comes at the cost of increased thermodynamic dissipation. That is, quantum supremacy is incompatible with thermodynamic efficiency. The authors derive the necessary and sufficient conditions for a spatial network model to be a small world and to have nonzero clustering at the same time.

Both homogeneous and heterogeneous spatial network models are considered. The paper shows that under additional maximum-entropy requirements to the heterogeneous models, the unique solution is random hyperbolic graphs. The authors study the relationship between the spread of content and the bias and quality of such content using a bounded-confidence opinion model that incorporates media and nonmedia accounts with dynamic content updating. Using this model, they show how to maximize media impact in a network by tuning the number of media accounts and the number of followers per account, and they examine how this impact depends on network features.

The authors propose a theoretical idea to measure the nuclear electric dipole moment in solid states. Their scheme is based on an extension of the nuclear magnetic resonance technique with the use of oscillating electric field induced by phonon lattice oscillations in a crystal. The authors put forward a new concept of dynamic winding number and uncover its connections to conventional topological invariants in both Hermitian and non-Hermitian models.

This scheme does not require any prior knowledge of the topology before and after a quench. This paper investigates the transition from quasiperiodicity with many frequencies, a high-dimensional torus, to chaos. The authors uncover a novel type of chaos that coexists with a high-dimensional torus, as characterized by many null Lyapunov exponents. This chaos with a torus is ubiquitous in a system of coupled nonlinear oscillators and often emerges via a strange nonchaotic attractor.

This paper implements Berry-phase gates of atomic clock states with picosecond time-scale laser pulses, in which the qubit system of atomic hyperfine ground states adiabatically evolves on a closed loop to pick up a non-zero geometric phase that renders into the qubit rotation. The characteristic features are the gate speed and robustness against control fluctuations, obtained as a result of the geometrical nature of these gates that makes them insensitive to the details of the trajectory and hence the laser parameters, which can potentially resolve the ubiquitous decoherence and reliability issues in quantum information processing.

The authors explore the kagome ice model with canted spins and long range interactions. Under both in-plane and out-of-plane components of magnetic field, they found a complex spin texture of snake domain which has extremely long relaxation time. In spite of its long-lived nature, the spins on the edge are free to fluctuate locally and can be viewed as monopole-antimonopole bound states.

This work shows a proof-of-principle demonstration of the random entanglement distillation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs from tripartite W states via weak measurements. The experimental distillation rate between two random parties appears larger than the theoretical limit of any distillation scheme between two specified parties. This paper introduces an algorithm for computing atoms and molecules with a pair of electrons for quantum computers.

This paper proposes a method to generate quantum turbulence when a polariton superfluid flows against an obstacle. The authors observe that the quantized vortices ejected in the wake of the obstacle propagate over macroscopic distances, due to the bistability of the polariton systems. The authors study the magnetization conserving dipolar induced spin-exchange dynamics of fermionic erbium atoms confined in a 3D optical lattice using experimental and theoretical work.

Their results reveal high controllability of the dynamics by preparing the atoms in different spin Fock states and by tuning the dipole orientation. This paper shows that signals with a specific spatial dependence can be directly measured with a quadratic quantum advantage by preparing appropriate quantum states that utilize entanglement between sensors, hence the measurement process is not affected by other signals, including noise, with a different spatial dependence.

The authors demonstrate that the paradigm of frustrated absorption in x-ray pulses generated by x-ray free-electron lasers XFEL can break down at extremely high intensity. This paper proposes a setup made up of quantum dots coupled to a superconducting island which harbors Majorana states.

Manipulating the quantum dots by time dependent gate voltages, the authors are able to generate an interference scheme in energy-time space, akin to the Hong-Ou-Mandel platform. The latter allows manipulation of Majorana-based quantum states. This paper shows the onset of an inverse spin Hall effect by illuminating the edge of a Bi2Se3 thin film. The authors show how this can be controlled by the circularly polarized light and by changing the position of the laser as it impinges the sample.

This work reveals the anisotropic formation of oxygen vacancies in barium titanate films. The substrate-induced strain favors the vacancy formation in the Ba-O planes and stabilizes the out-of-plane orientation of associated dipoles. Consequently, the authors observe new crystal structures and ferroelectric and optical properties.

The authors address the question of whether the Ott-Antonsen manifold is attracting in the full state space, and show that for models with a finite number of populations, the answer is no. The paper shows how the dynamic outside the manifold is more complicated than within in an example with chimera states.

This paper presents evidence that repulsive interactions increase the Drude weight in quasi one-dimensional ladder systems. The authors show how this is the opposite to the behavior in strict one-dimensional systems.

The authors demonstrate that spectral graph theory can effectively describe strongly repulsive one-dimensional mixtures of ultracold fermions and circumvent the high computational complexity of this many-body system. In this paper, the authors demonstrate all the possible phases that can be displayed in a quantum dot array by fine tuning the background potential strength and the interdot spacing: the Luttinger liquid, Mott insulator, Wigner crystal and correlated Mott phases. The paper describes two properties of weakly evanescent transverse cortical waves: Linear evolution that results in emergence of stable loop patterns, and nonlinear interactions that generate both high frequency collective synchronous spiking and low frequency rhythms.

This work analyzes theoretically the transport of spin in a one-dimensional quantum wire and compare it with recent experimental results with cold atoms. The spin conductance is shown to have a nonmonotonic temperature dependence, with spin perfectly conducted in the zero-temperature limit even in the spin-gapped phase. This work studies the phase diagram of a two-dimensional array of topological superconductors subjected to magnetic flux.

The phase diagram shows significant topological regions where chiral Majorana modes appear. Several other models are shown to have a similar phase diagram, attesting its universality. The authors perform first principles molecular dynamics to trace the temporal fluctuation of the Mott gap. For a Mott insulating phase intertwined with structural distortion or charge density wave, such as 1T-TaS 2 , the calculation predicts a strong dependence of the gap size on the lattice temperature.

This work links the magnetic spin Hall effect to spin current vortices in the Fermi sea. The paper presents a symmetry analysis of the spin current vorticity and selected minimal models with electronic or magnonic spin current vortices and further predicts a magnetic spin Nernst effect. The authors derive the appearance of a bound state of heavy and relativistic light fermions on the Kondo ground state, which is named Kondo excitons. The authors use the stacking of two dimensional topological insulators to produce one dimensional topological boundary modes that connect locally thermalized Wannier-Stark bands.

This paper describes Dedalus, an open-source Python code for simulating partial differential equations from all areas of physics. Dedalus translates plain-text equations into efficient and parallelized solvers using global spectral methods. They also illustrate its capabilities with diverse examples, including optical network dynamics, magnetized shocks in plasmas, large-scale oceanic flows, low Reynolds number flows, stellar and atmospheric waves, and diamagnetic levitation.

The authors present a method to compute visibility graphs that allows for online computation. The scheme uses a binary search tree to encode and store visibility relations, which can be decoded at a later stage into a visibility graph. The spin-orbit coupling in solid state spin qubits allows for the lifting of spin degeneracy in the absence of an external magnetic field.

The paper presents a theoretical framework to address this zero-field splitting in extended periodic systems, unravels its microscopic origin, and showcases its implications for coherent electrical control. The authors reveal that the high-order wave mixing processes via resonant generation of tightly bound excitons in a two-color strong laser field are significantly enhanced due to many-body Coulomb interaction, which reshapes the radiation spectra.

This finding shows that monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides can serve as an efficient medium for high harmonic generation, and the harmonic spectra are capable to uncover the many-body dynamics in a femtosecond timescale. The authors propose temporal network models based on activation of nodes, demonstrating that they lead to communication dynamics of nodes and of links both following heavy-tailed inter-communication time distributions.

This work proposes modifications on two key components of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm QAOA : a Gibbs objective function and an ansatz architecture search algorithm. The authors explore how these propositions improve upon ordinary QAOA when finding low-energy states by using numerical experiments on grid and complete graph Ising models. This paper identifies the electronic state just close to the superconducting phase in a system of organic conductors lambda- BETS 2GaBrxCl4-x as a spin-density-wave state, using nuclear magnetic resonance and resistivity measurements.

This finding explains the unexplainable enhancement of spin fluctuation at low temperatures in lambda- BETS 2GaCl4 and suggests that the superconductivity of lambda-type salts is mediated by spin-density-wave fluctuations.

This works studies the switching transition in vanadium oxide using quantum calculations and ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy. The paper finds that the transition involves a particular set of phonon modes, and that crystal motions along these modes induce the metallic transition fast. This work provides a statistical methodology and information geometric perspective to understand the Low-to-High transition in magnetically confined fusion plasmas, as well as other self-organizing processes in non-equilibrium systems.

This work formulates a nonclassicality criterion for radiation emitted from an open quantum system. The approach is based on the time-integrated photocurrent which is analyzed through the Large Deviation formalism for quantum trajectories. This work introduces a new mechanism of locomotion in a rotating environment — rototaxis, where an object reacts to a change in the speed at which the environment around it is moving.

By considering a minimal bead model, the authors illustrate how living organisms or artificial particles can navigate in rotating environments such as swirls and whirlpools due to the presence of a rotation-induced torque. This work uses theory and particle-in-cell simulations to unveil a novel mechanism for the generation of strong magnetic fields in laser-plasma interactions. The authors show that stimulated Raman scattering plasma waves heat a plasma anisotropically.

The resulting temperature anisotropy leads to the onset of the Weibel instability. This work presents the path-sum formulation of the solution of the quantum equations of motion with time-dependent Hamiltonians. Time-ordered evolution operators are evaluated as continued fractions of finite depth involving progressively simpler quantities.

Exact treatments of Bloch-Siegert dynamics and coherent destruction of tunneling are given and the dynamics of a spin excitation on a large molecule under time-dependent driving is studied analytically. This paper shows how a single atom can be used to trap light between mirrors in any dimension, forming what is called a bound-state-in-the-continuum BIC. The authors use the directional emission appearing in photonic crystal like mediums together with careful design of the mirrors to achieve the desired interference effects.

The authors introduce a theoretical model that combines gene expression dynamics with epigenetic modification, which changes the feasibility of expression, i. By taking into account of a slow positive-feedback process from expression to the threshold level, the paper finds several distinct cell types that are given by fixed-point attractors are generated hierarchically. The authors study the control of cluster synchronization in regular networks by the scheme of pinning couplings.

The authors show numerically and mathematically that by changing the number and locations of the pinning nodes, a regular network can be controlled to different cluster synchronization states. This study shows the flexibility of regular networks in generating cluster synchronization, and highlights, from a different perspective, the importance of network symmetry on cluster synchronization.

In this paper the authors study a one-dimensional quantum chain subject to a periodic drive that alternates between two coupling profiles modulated in space. They discover the existence of a heating phase where all the excitations accumulate periodically at two specific points of the chain dubbed horizons, through an exact analogy with the ones from black holes.

The system heats up by endlessly absorbing the energy of the drive in a non-homogeneous way along the two horizons. This paper show how a localized single photon excitation in a two dimensional array of cold atoms, which would emit in all directions, can be converted to a protected, delocalized subradiant one, which can then produce coherent collimated emission.

This protected spreading and directional emission could be used to link stages in modular quantum architectures for quantum information processing. The authors lay out a theoretical framework for understanding the mechanism of the thermal transistor and reveal that it is qualified to perform the functions only if the heat resistance of its control segment, the Gate segment, is low enough.

By properly adjusting this heat resistance, the paper shows how to build a thermal sensor whose output heat current depends on the control temperature with arbitrarily large sensitivity. This paper presents a method to generate magnetic dipole moment at very small spatial scales with very high amplitudes.

The authors also develop an analytic framework to compare against the kinetic approach and show a good agreement. This paper investigates the phases of two dimensional electron-hole systems strongly coupled to a microcavity photon field in the limit of extreme charge imbalance.

The authors show how doping modifies the properties of light by changing the dielectric constant of the material inside the cavity and demonstrate how the excess charge also modifies electron-hole bound state properties. In this work, the authors experimentally investigate the rogue wave event formation in three dimensional multiscale dust acoustic wave turbulence using spatiotemporal waveform dynamics and the wave-particle interaction of multiscale modes.

By decomposing turbulent waveforms into different-scale modes through multidimensional empirical mode decomposition, the paper shows that rogue waves are associated with the spatiotemporal synchronization of multiscale wave crests and their envelope peaks. The authors detect electric-quadrupole infrared transitions in a polyatomic molecule using a sensitive cavity ring-down spectroscopy at 1.

This paper shows that the interaction between magnetic Janus colloids breaks time-reversal symmetry and leads to propulsion of the whole cluster. Depending on the cluster configuration, motion can range from rotation to helical motion and steerable, directed translation with speeds comparable to those commonly reported for objects propelled via anisotropic drag. This paper draws a bridge between non-linear dynamics and the study of exotic topological phases in quantum materials with Josephson junctions.

The authors probe a graphene junction in the underdamped regime and show the consequences of nonlinear and chaotic phase dynamics on Shapiro measurements. This paper elucidates the optical nuclear-spin-readout and the non-linear temperature and magnetic-field dependence of the nuclear spin transitions in Nitrogen vacancy ensembles, and how these systems can be used for quantum sensing. Quantum random batteries are devices that evolve unitarily by rotations in random directions in Hilbert space.

The value of the parameter Q depends on quantum coherence of the evolution. This average behavior is also typical, meaning that the probability of extracting a different amount of work converges rapidly to zero with d. In this paper, the authors explore band-structure and crystallographic-orientation effects in thin metal films through a tutorial theoretical description of electron energy-loss spectroscopy in thin metal films by treating the response within the random-phase approximation, including relevant details of the electronic band structure phenomenologically.

In this work, the authors consider the scaling aspects of a higher-order topological insulator and show how some of the topological phase transitions exhibit thermodynamic signatures. The paper revisits the topological and thermodynamic notion of these phase transitions, defining a thermodynamic quantity derived from the Wilson loop that captures all topological phase transitions in the mode. This paper shows that the standard Hubbard model on the triangular lattice with three color fermions has a chiral phase at intermediate coupling when kinetic fluctuations are strong enough to destroy the three-sublattice long range order but not strong enough yet to drive the system into another phase or into the metallic regime.

This paper introduces a framework for the construction of generative models for mesoscale structures in multilayer networks. This framework provides a standardized set of generative models, together with an associated set of principles from which they are derived, for studies of mesoscale structures in multilayer networks. This work studies synchronization along single quantum trajectories of two quantum van der Pol oscillators under homodyne detection, characterizing the phenomenon and finding a new link between the statistics of synchronization and entanglement.

This work describes the propagation of slow light through a Bose-Einstein condensate in the presence of strong atomic interactions. It reveals the formation of polaron-polaritons as a result of the interplay between light-atom and atom-atom interactions. This paper studies the structure of the asynchronous state, which emerges in sparse balanced networks and is believed to characterize the neural activity in the cortex.

The analysis of the asynchronous state for increasing synaptic strength qualitatively suggests the presence of a phase transition between two different dynamical regimes. This scenario emerges from the comparison of quenched with annealed networks. This paper uncovers how creep failure in a disordered system is highly influenced by two parameters: applied stress and the temperature. The time to creep generates a log-normal distribution whose average gets shifted to a higher value with a decrease in either these parameters.

Also, at constant applied stress the model goes through a number of dynamical transitions with decreasing temperature causing an increase in time to creep. The authors use magnetic force microscopy to study the formation of chains of small rings in Josephson junctions, and show the number of rings is equal to the number of flux quanta in the junction.

Therefore each ring represents an individual vortex in a one-dimensional vortex chain within the junction. This paper shows experimental tests of state dependent uncertainty relations for the product as well as the sum of variances of two incompatible observables for photonic qutrits. These uncertainty relations are independent of any optimization and much tighter than the Robertson-Schrodinger uncertainty relation and other ones found in current literature. Also the authors test the state dependent reverse uncertainty relations for the sum of variances of two incompatible observables.

This work shows that the quantum fields in black holes can be transformed into three most fundamental quantum many-body models in laboratory. It presents how to use these models to verify the Hawking radiation and quantum chaos of black holes. The paper also exhibits how to get some insights about quantum many-body systems from black hole physics.

The authors present a new technique for characterizing the scattering and Feshbach resonances of two different species atoms. A single ultracold Na and Cs atom are trapped in the same optical tweezer and cooled to the ground state. The interactions of the two atoms modify their motional trapping frequencies, which are measured spectroscopically and used to characterize the scattering properties. Simple figures of merit for solar cell performance are found which support both experimental and computational efforts on identifying promising absorbers for novel solar cells.

This paper investigates how the orbitals reconstruct on ultrafast timescales, through a photo-induced insulator to metal transition, in the Mott-Hubbard material V2O3. The authors show how time-resolved RIXS can be used at an X-ray free-electron laser to study ultrafast orbital dynamics in a correlated material.

In this paper the authors develop a minimal model which provides a theoretical framework for understanding and analyzing the diverse range of evolving morphological characteristics associated with single colony fungal mycelium. This article presents a new type of t-J model for the recently observed superconducting nickelate. The authors develop a three-fermion parton theory to analyze this and observe both d-wave superconductor and a fractional Fermi liquid phases.

This work studies the role of quantum mechanics in the performance of cell-based quantum batteries. The authors show the limitations on the amount of storable, or extractable, energy with the help of the energy-entropy diagram, and use a geometric approach to introduce a bound on the charging power in terms of the multipartite entanglement between the cells. This paper reexamines the classical electrodynamic friction due to ohmic heating experienced by a charged particle moving parallel to a plane imperfectly conducting surface.

The authors find that the TM contribution to the friction dominates, achieves a maximum at a velocity less than the speed of light, and persists in the limit of vanishing resistivity for sufficiently high velocity. This paper proposes a topology optimization approach for inversely designing the higher-order photonic topological insulators with edge and corner states at various frequencies.

Programming newly-created structures allows for topological routing via the edge and corner states. The authors use an analogy to the salesman problem to multiply the throughput of a scanning tunneling microscope STM for quantum materials discovery.

The results show efficient STM trip-planning and advocates the use of compressed sensing to focus on the most relevant local density of states measurements. The authors show that topologically protected many-body zero modes can localize at large disorder, but then exhibit highly characteristic features. Amongst these are a delocalization peak in the entanglement entropy, fragmented excitations, and characteristic spin hybridization patterns. This paper shows that the winding number can be extracted by measuring the mean chiral displacement of a single particle, whenever the initial wave function is connectable to a localized one via a unitary and translation invariant map.

This implies that the mean chiral displacement detects the winding number even when the Hamiltonian is quenched between different topological phases. This paper extends the concept of shortcut-to-adiabaticity STA of the quantum Otto cycle to refrigerators. The authors find that the STA quantum refrigerator outperforms its conventional nonadiabatic counterpart, except for short cycle durations even when the energetic cost of the STA driving is included. In addition, the concept of quantum speed limits is employed to benchmark the upper bounds on the Otto refrigerator performance.

The author shows that anomalous velocity distributions commonly observed in space plasmas can be understood as a consequence of temperature fluctuations. This allows understanding thermodynamic properties of space plasmas from measurements of velocity distributions.

The authors develop a formalism to describe a pairing mechanism beyond phonons of BCS theory. The paper proposes a study using uniaxial strain to test the nematic fluctuation driven enhancement of superconductivity. This paper explores magnetotransport in Weyl semimetals in strong magnetic fields as a function of the directions and the magnitude of the field. The authors compute the longitudinal magnetoresistance microscopically and find a strong dependence on the direction of the magnetic field.

For certain directions of the field, the longitudinal magnetoresistance is determined by the hybridisation of the quasiparticle states between different Weyl nodes and may be used to probe the internodal coupling. This paper discusses how the many-body coherence affects the speed of evolution of the related systems of the bosonic Tonks-Girardeau gas and spinless fermions, and the consequences this has for their respective quantum speed limits.

Approximate shortcuts to adiabaticity are implemented to explore how quickly the two systems can be driven to desired target states, showing that fluctuations in the coherence of the bosons can result in manifestly distinct dynamics and therefore different quantum speed limits for the two species.

The optomechanical dynamics of a cloud of cold atoms in an optical resonator pumped by an input beam possessing orbital angular momentum is investigated. By means of the pump vortex structure, self-organized patterns with circular lattice geometries induce rotation motion of bunched atoms in the transverse plane. This mechanism involves angular momentum transfer from the pump to the self-trapped atoms and can be used to induce one dimensional atomic transport.

This paper reports the nonreciprocal transport in a noncentrosymmetric 2D superconductor, gated MoS2, under out-of-plane magnetic field. The magnitude of the nonreciprocal signal, arising from the vortex rectification by the asymmetric pinning potentials in the trigonal lattice, substantially depends on whether the vortex motion is quantum or classical.

In this work, the authors extend the classic Helfrich-Hurault model of undulation instabilities in periodic liquid crystals to account for patterns seen at the interface of cholesteric liquid crystal shells. The shell patterning is controlled experimentally by regulating the surrounding surfactant concentration. These patterns are then characterized by Landau-de Gennes simulations and a Helfrich-Hurault-like model, revealing how changes in liquid crystal anchoring can act as sources of strain in liquid crystal systems.

This paper shows how the interplay of the Weibel and Biermann magnetic fields can occur in a realistic experimental setup with a short intense laser on a solid density target. In this work, the authors show how to derive entropic uncertainty relations for measurements whose effects form quantum designs.

Quantum designs are pseudo-random processes which are indistinguishable from purely random quantum processes as long as one is concerned with moments up to some finite order. Employing their properties allows the evaluation of measurement probabilities of large sets of observables leading to bounds on the sum of generalized entropies.

This paper investigates the effect of light-matter interactions on correlated quantum matter. The non-local bosonic light field of an optical resonator drastically changes the phase transition in an Ising chain, with a tuning parameter that resembles a non-classical transverse magnetic field with quantized values. This work derives mutual braiding statistics of anyons from a set of axioms about entanglement entropy, which have been shown to imply the fusion rules of anyons.

More specifically, the author defines the topological S matrix from a quantum state and show that it satisfies the Verlinde formula. This work presents a quantum simulator that allows studying the role of memory effects in the dynamics of open quantum systems. Exploiting the analogy between dissipation and quantum measurements, the dissipation strength experienced by the system and the degree of non-Markovianity can be tuned independently from each other by changing the parameters of measurement.

This paper shows that interstitial atoms can be used to tune the magnetic properties of magnetic compounds and proposes a key improvement for Mn 3 Ir. The authors show how to determine complex magnetic ground states in high-throughput calculations, and that this can be essential for a reliable prediction of stable magnetic materials. This paper presents a method to calculate defect formation energies and of dopant concentration in materials. The authors apply their scheme to the problem of obtaining of Ti:Al 2 O 3 crystals with high Figure-of-Merit.

The authors propose that the superconducting phase fluctuations influences the strain induced superconductor-insulator phase transition on a Lieb lattice systems. The paper establishes the distinctly different roles played by the flat and the dispersive bands in dictating the quantum phases in such designer lattices. The authors compute the Schmidt number, a measure of the entanglement degree, in a parametric-down conversion state using a Wigner functional approach.

The result shows that extremely large Schmidt numbers can be obtained under achievable experimental conditions. This paper investigates a scalable architecture for photonic one way quantum computing using large scale entangled states. The proposed architecture utilizes frequency and time multiplexing in an integrated quantum photonic platform to generate three dimensional continuous variable cluster states and to realize quantum logic gates, two key ingredients for fault-tolerant quantum computing.

This paper discusses the differences between the sum rule and orbital magnetization in addressing time-reversal breaking in ferromagnetic materials. This paper presents a systematic experimental study of the impact of disorder induced by electron irradiation on the superconducting phase of the Dirac semimetal PdTe2. Using a recently derived generalized version of the Anderson theorem, the authors obtain quantitative constraints on the pairing state.

This leaves an unconventional superconducting phase as the most natural candidate order. The authors predict that a charge and spin density-wave transition occurs in the correlated polar metal Ca3Ru2O7 using first-principles calculations and angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. The paper presents a model that describes existing experimental data describing the low-temperature fermiology. This work studies the temperature evolution of the thermodynamic critical field B c in type-I noncentrosymmetric superconductor BeAu.

The authors find that the single-gap scenario cannot describe B c and two different types of superconducting order parameters are needed. This work develops and validates a theory for how cyclones in rapidly rotating turbulent fluids penetrate into adjacent stably-stratified fluid layers.

Cyclones have a generic shape in two-layer fluids and the ratio of the penetration depth to the cyclone diameter is related to the background conditions and cyclone intensity. This work presents a study of a phenomenological renormalization group that has been recently introduced to coarse-grain data of neural activity.

The authors show that only some of the proposed observables display a tight relation between scaling and criticality, and that even in simple models with spectral degeneracy one might see spurious scaling features. The authors propose a many-body quantum heat engine QHE that efficiently operates at finite power. Due to the adiabatic theorem, efficient QHEs generally yield a vanishing power output. Here, the authors apply approximate local counter-diabatic protocols that are applicable in state-of-the-art experiments.

This work studies the in-gap states that appear on the boundaries of both one and two dimensional topological superconductors. While these boundaries are guaranteed to host massless Majorana quasiparticles by the bulk-edge correspondence, sufficiently smooth interfaces are shown to give rise to additional massive Volkov-Pankratov states. The authors test these predictions in the case of topological boundaries created by magnetic domain walls present in s-wave superconductors with Rashba spin-orbit coupling.

This paper shows that low values of higher-order correlation functions g k imply a nonzero projection of the underlying quantum state onto the space with less than k photons. The author also proves how these bounds become valid also for some classical states. This paper shows that bosons can be used to directly probe exotic pairing states, where the order parameter is spatially modulated in response to a spin imbalance. When the Bose-Fermi mixture is close to the phase separation point, the crystal order reveals itself through large amplitude modulations in the density profiles of both species.

In this article, the capability of particles to track the excitations of quantum vortices is investigated theoretically and numerically. The authors observe the emergence of frequency gaps in the vortex wave dispersion relation sampled by the particles. This new excitation spectrum is explained by resorting to an analogy with the propagation of electrons in a solid crystal. The resulting effective model confirms the numerical observation that large scale waves are not perturbed by the particles, and therefore can be tracked.

This paper explores the accuracy with which gravitational waves emitted in the coalescence of compact binaries need to be computed so that the inference of binary parameters from gravitational wave events will not be affected by systematic biases.

This paper studies the duration of quasi-stationary states, typical of long-range-interacting Hamiltonians where negative specific heat emerges. For the classical Heisenberg d-dimensional model, the authors show a universal behavior on the time evolution of the average kinetic energy per particle as a function of dimension, system size, and range of the interactions. This paper considers the effect of induced correlations on the dynamics of two impurities in a trapped Bose gas.

It is shown that an effective zero range potential captures this effect in weakly interacting systems, but fails to describe strong correlations. This paper proposes a low-amplitude defibrillation scheme, guided by the convolution neural network, for the removal of such waves in the mathematical models for cardiac tissue. The advantage of the scheme is that a snapshot of the spatial information about the membrane potential is sufficient to locate the source of the electrical activations, and further the application of low-amplitude Gaussian currents on these locations eliminates such waves.

The authors adopt a multivariable variational Monte Carlo technique to study bilayer and two-leg ladder Hubbard models from the weakly correlated to strongly correlated regimes. Conditions for superconductivity to be strongly enhanced are presented, and the underlying physics for this enhancement is revealed.

The authors show a preservation of graphene-derived Dirac cones in spite of proximity to a substrate with large spin-orbit coupling. This paper provides an in-depth description of superfluid behavior of a resonantly-driven polariton fluid. The presence of an excitonic reservoir breaks the mathematical Galilean invariance of the polariton field; as a consequence, the critical velocity differs from the speed of sound when the fluid flows against a static defect.

This paper shows that local kinetic constraints in random many-body Hamiltonians can lead to ergodicity breaking, despite the Hilbert space not fragmenting. This is purely due to the constraints, in that the unconstrained system is ergodic. The mechanism underlying the emergence of the localized phase is qualitatively different from many-body localization in locally disordered Hamiltonians. The authors show that the coherent optical response from donor bound excitons provides information on the spin dynamics of the hole in the exciton, allowing one to study the interactions contributing to the g factor that characterizes the hole spin.

This paper discusses the dynamics of interference structures in the Anderson model with decoherence. Due to an intricate interplay of interference, disorder, and decoherence there is a rise and decay of interference peaks on transient time scales, that is the transition from a quantum mechanical interference pattern to a classical probability distribution is of non-monotonic character.

An analytic solution in the limit of weak dephasing supplemented with a numerical analysis beyond this limiting case provides an intuitive understanding for the observed phenomena. This work shows strong coupling of lattices with electronic degrees of freedom in double perovskite Nd 2 ZnIrO 6 via crystal-field excitations.

The authors uncover the role of phononic degrees of freedom in understanding the quantum magnetic ground state of these systems. Theories of epidemic spreading usually assume people meet each other at random times. In reality however, the time intervals between when two persons meet often has a fat-tailed distribution. This paper shows that such structures affect epidemics—but it is the short inter-event times, not the tail, that is important for epidemics.

The shadow in edge-on view is found to have different appearances at different wavelengths of the observed light. This paper investigates the behavior of an rf-superconducting quantum interference device formed by embedding two anomalous Josephson junctions in a superconducting ring with a non-negligible inductance.

The authors show that an in-plane magnetic field can be used to induce and control the hysteretical response of the device. In this way, the proposed system can be effectively used to detect and measure the anomalous Josephson effect. This paper presents a theoretical investigation of various viscous relaxation mechanisms in unitary Fermi gases.

The authors find that the relaxation time of the system in the pseudogap regime has a universal temperature dependence associated with anomalous transport phenomena of different strongly correlated systems. They further construct the relation between this universality of relaxation time and the anomalously small shear viscosity.

The authors investigate a class of cyclic evolutions for driven two-level quantum systems to unveil a geometric resource of the driving field. The paper presents a series of physical platforms to prove how the geometric control of the quantum phases can be realized for paradigmatic pendular field drivings. This includes experimentally feasible setups based on superconducting islands coupled to a Josephson junction and inversion asymmetric nanochannels with tailored geometric shapes. The authors report the synthesis of a new marcasite phase material, CoSeAs.

This paper shows some properties of the partial entanglement entropy and derives a general formula in Poincare invariant theories. The authors derive a criterion for the appearance of Majorana zero modes in full shell nanowires, that depends on the even-odd occupation of the radial subbands with zero angular momentum.

This work constructs non-Hermitian topological mechanics in one-dimensional and two-dimensional lattices consisting of mass points connected by meta-beams that lead to odd elasticity. After a tour in the great spaces, the Pooh decide to undertake, along the lines of many American groups, a tour in the smaller clubs. The Club Tour 83 sees the Pooh re-propose live songs left on the sidelines such as Eleonora my mother, Infiniti noi, Classe '58 and The city of others.

During the recordings of the disc, Facchinetti composes most of the songs that will be included in his first solo album, entitled Roby Facchinetti. The disc, in addition to "light" songs such as Boys of the World or Come We Will, also contains pieces with a darker tenor such as Wild and The Day Before, which imagines the results of a nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, a theme very much felt at the time.

The main song of the disc is La mia donna, a song written by Roby in Italy and definitively arranged at the "Lahina" studios in Maui. Interpreted by the four who divide the cantato of the stanzas; this piece is distinguished by the virtuoso solo by Dodi Battaglia. In the disc you can feel the strong presence of the Fairlight synthesizer that characterizes the latest musical productions of the band.

The following Italian tour sees Stefano appear on stage equipped with a new electronic drum set to replace the traditional one. Live performances are introduced by Roby's synthesized sounds to the tune of Selvaggio. From their Hawaiian stay, the Poohs bring a special of over an hour to Italy, a special that is offered in prime time by Rai.

The special consists of video clips of the songs made on the island with the comments and anecdotes of the artists. It was released in as the band's first official DVD. At the end of the year the fourth collection of the band comes out, Pooh and everything that has ever appeared on L.

The album is double and consists of 19 tracks of which 9 never appeared on LP and 7 never appeared on CD. Asia non Asia, of the same year, is the new work of the Poohs recorded in Japan. The result is a disc full of synthetic guitars and keyboards. The song If there is a place in your heart, first interpreted exclusively by Stefano D'Orazio, is chosen as the closing theme of the program Il corso del monday, while Se nasco another time is used for the launch of the disc and participates also at the Festivalbar.

In a collection published by Vedette was released entitled There is love in your eyes. In , to celebrate the twenty years of the group, Days of Infinity were released on a completely white vinyl support. The sound recalls the origins of the group and mixes old style acoustics and new technologies.

The commitment of this album is underlined by songs such as Terry B. The Hammond organ is also back, giving a sixties atmosphere to the piece L'altra parte del cielo. Red publishes his first solo work, Me and Red, which sees the collaboration of great Italian artists. The Poohs are immortalized at the wax museum in Rome and appointed Knights by the President of the republic.

The winter tour was released on triple vinyl and in Goodbye was released, the second live album. In the album The color of thoughts with the ecologist Acqua dalla luna was released. The Poohs return to talk about politics in On the other side, a song that talks about the wind of change that is going through the Soviet Union.

The social commitment of the Pooh continues along the lines of the previous album: the theme of the destruction of the planet runs after in In the grass, in the water and in the wind, the growth of racial discrimination in Without Borders, without leaving behind the melodic pieces that more have distinguished their style, as in What do you want it to be and the sweet The girl with the eyes of the sun sung by Stefano D'Orazio.

In the Pooh put on the market, in a limited edition, the instrumental piece Concerto per un'oasi, a maxi 45 whose proceeds were donated entirely to the WWF. In the same year the collection Another thought was released. The nineties open for the ensemble with one of the few successes that were still missing from their almost twenty-five-year career: in March they won the Sanremo Festival with the song Men alone, which they sing in combination with Dee Dee Bridgewater, who will record the version in English song, titled Angel of the Night.

At the end of the first performance of the piece, Battaglia reveals that twenty years earlier the group had tried, unsuccessfully, to take part in the demonstration. Shortly after the Festival, the homonymous album of the proposed song is released, which contains successful songs such as L'altra donna written and sung by Dodi Battaglia , Giulia marries written and sung by Stefano D'Orazio and Tu vivrai in collaboration with Eros Ramazzotti, Umberto Tozzi, Raf and Enrico Ruggeri.

Also in , in December, a double collection was released: our story. From this album will be born a long tour in theaters. In the success of Pooh is witnessed by a record, The sky is blue above the clouds, from which the singles Maria marea, 50 springs, Stare senza di te and La miaface are chosen.

With this album ends the first part of the collaboration of Fio Zanotti and the Pooh, which began in , with Days of Infinity. The package of the disc is studied at the table by the Poohs and the record company, and probably inspired by the "metal box" of Public Image Ltd. For the radio promotion, Le Songs of Tomorrow and A hundred years of being wrong are chosen as singles, of which video clips are also made. The album fails to break through, missing a strong hit that can drag the album's sales, which settle around , copies, making it the least-sold album by Pooh since they switched to a major in Dodi Battaglia he writes Behind the hill, Senza musica senza parole, a piece with a Latin flavor with a text by Stefano which ensures that each sentence is linked to the previous one through the last word.

A lion in heaven is a dedication to his father Medardo, who passed away that year. In in May their third live album, double, entitled Buonanotte ai pianatori Goodnight to the players was released the song of the same name is the only unreleased. In December of the same year a collection was released to celebrate the forthcoming 30 years of his career: it is called PoohBook, and it consists of 6 CDs for a total of 86 tracks.

Red Canzian publishes his first book entitled Tree Magic. Stefano D'Orazio decides to publish a fanzine, the Poohnews, which from Musicadentro onwards has told the gestation, anecdotes and curiosities of each upcoming band's work. Pooh is back in the limelight thanks to the album Amici per semper, from , which launches songs such as Amici per semper, La donna del mioamico, Cercando di te.

The new Poohs remain faithful to their music, renewing themselves in the arrangements, partly following the fashion of the moment. Ironically, despite the title, this will be the hardest gestation album of their entire career. The four, in fact, almost do not speak to each other, every opportunity is good to argue and the "music machine" seems to have seriously come to an end.

They tear up the group in particular a clash over music and who should sing The silence of the dove and on a text by D'Orazio dedicated to the father who died the year before and rejected by the other members and replaced with Always in love, never in love.

Dodi secretly thinks about leaving and records the album separately from the rest of the group. The arrangements of the disc are entrusted to Emmanuele Ruffinengo, a young arranger already with the Pooh during the recording sessions of Men alone and the subsequent tour.

Ruffinengo has the task of reviving the glories of the group after the recent record failure of Musicadentro, and the modern and very rock sounds seem to prove them right: the record is one of the most appreciated and played by the radios, receiving a wide consensus also from the public. In February , to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Poohs, the first biography of the group was published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

It is called "What you do not know", as a success of the sixties, and is edited by the journalist and critic Franco Dassisti. In November of the same year another collection comes out, a double anthology entitled The Best of Pooh which collects 28 hits by the group, plus two unreleased songs recorded for the occasion, Brava la vita, which is chosen to shoot a promotional video clip and Non leave me never again which in the long run will be the luckiest of the two pieces.

In the collection A minute before dawn was released, the first CD of the 6 that made up the Poohbook box set released between and The Poohs, who since have returned in possession of part of their catalog of the sixties, decide to publish the best pieces of those years in a rearranged and re-sung version in a modern key, with the current members of the band trying their hand at songs that have passed into the oblivion of memory, such as Brennero 66, E after this night and La solita storia.

The Poohs give Mediaset the opportunity to defer the last leg of their summer tour, which stops in the city of Arezzo. A VHS of the concert is also obtained which includes the whole concert and some scenes taken backstage. Mediaset had, among other things, already broadcast in the 25th anniversary concert, held in September of that year at the Arena Garibaldi in Pisa. The millennium opens with Cento di These Lives which returns to the sound of the seventies, an interesting work that certainly shows more commitment and character than the previous one.

Many singles are extrapolated from this record, among which stand out Stay with me, The breaths of the world, A great love and the closing song, You can feel me still, song dedicated to a fan tragically died in a car accident, piece with a tail instrumental.

In , to celebrate their year career, the Poohs decide to publish a celebratory collection, Best of the Best, presented in two versions: the first is composed of a double CD; the second from a single CD, which includes a "live" track extracted from the Cento di These Lives tour. In both versions there are three unreleased. Portami via, written by Red Canzian, is the single intended for radio promotion and the singles market. The song, despite being of excellent workmanship, goes almost unnoticed on the radio, despite the Pooh including it in the tour destined to tour Italy to promote the album.

The third unreleased is Figli, an anticipation of what the Pinocchio album will be the following year. In the collection, the version of Sons is arranged much more rock than the later version presented in the musical. On the Best of the Best tour the Pooh present, in an instrumental version, the opening song of the musical, Once upon a time. In August they received the "Best Italian Group Award" from the review of the best live Music Facts directed by Ruggero Pegna, an award they will also receive in subsequent editions.

The Poohs begin to lay the foundations for the musical project. The direction of the show is entrusted to Saverio Marconi. Originally, the idea of the Musical included a completely different story from the one brought to the stage, in fact Roby was writing music on the idea of Gabriel, a future messiah imagined by Facchinetti himself.

Given the difficulty in intertwining music with history, Saverio Marconi advises the Poohs to choose another subject and this is found in Pinocchio, one of the most read books in the world that has just returned to the screens with the film by Roberto Benigni. From this experience the album Pinocchio, of , will be extracted, in which the Pooh contain the 11 songs most suitable to be proposed even outside the context of the musical, varying in some cases a few verses.

The musical, staged by the Compagnia della Rancia, becomes one of the most viewed shows in recent years and is replicated throughout the peninsula. The record gets good critical acclaim, but sales are lower than previous records. The launch single, also distributed as a single CD, is Il Paese dei Balocchi, subsequently other singles destined for radio programming will be extracted from the CD such as I want to go away, Life, A true friend. In Pinocchio-the great musical was released, a double CD with the music of the show, played by a young group of musicians and interpreted by the protagonists of the musical.

The only intervention of Pooh on the record is the acoustic guitar of Dodi Battaglia su Vita. The drums are played by Red Canzian's son Philipp. In the same year Dodi released an instrumental album, D'assolo. Some sacred monsters of the Italian guitar collaborate on the disc, Franco Mussida and Maurizio Solieri, who play in the song Nordinfesta. The definitive push for the release of the album comes from Roby Facchinetti who, hearing Dodi's 10 songs, convinces him to present it on the record market.

Also in , the first DVD of the Poohs, Aloha, was released with the restored films made during the Hawaiian stay in Only the best tempos are missing from the record. Furthermore, in February of the same year, Pooh received the "Music and solidarity" award from the Nomads for their initiatives in favor of Rock No War, on the occasion of the 11th "Tributo ad Augusto", an event that the Emilian band organizes annually in Novellara in memory of the late frontman Augusto Daolio.

The album was toured in the spring and summer of the same year. Great success in particular for the concert on 19 August in Reggio Calabria which saw the participation of over , people and the live audio and video of RTL The tour will be the only one organized for the Poohs by Milano Concerti, affiliated with the multinational Live Nation: after this brief experience, the ensemble returns to the Di Palma-Cusolito agency.

Still on the subject of covers, in and the Pooh participated in three albums by other artists. Finally, in , with Claudio Baglioni, they recorded a rearranged version of Che begli amici, a historic piece by the Roman singer-songwriter re-proposed in the Q. In mid-April , the press agencies broke the news that, following the release of a new album entitled Ancora una Notte Together 2 CD , which took place on May 8, and the subsequent tour departing on July 18 from the Royal Palace of Caserta, drummer Stefano D'Orazio intended to leave the group after 38 years of association.

The tour, whose number of dates has grown during the course of the work from 4 to 38 , was closed by two special evenings at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, the second of which was broadcast live on radio by RTL On November 26 a book is released that traces the band's almost 44 years of career: Our years without breath, published by Rizzoli. In February , Pooh announced the release of Aladin, a musical written by Stefano D'Orazio with the participation of his three former colleagues, authors of the music: the group had been working on the project even before the drummer's decision to leave Pooh.

In a press conference held on March 3, , the Poohs reveal their future plans, announcing the continuation of the group's activity with a three-person line-up tested with two concerts in Canada at the Fall View Casino, near Niagara Falls , and the intention to use a session player on drums, specifically Steve Ferrone, former drummer for international artists such as Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, Tom Petty and George Harrison. The single from the new album, also titled Where the sun begins, is a rock musical suite with lyrics and atmospheres that bring the group back to opera like their Parsifal and Time, a woman, the city.

The version on the album is divided into two parts, one of six minutes sung and one of five instrumental. The Poohs in the three-man formation, with Red Canzian, Dodi Battaglia and Roby Facchinetti On the Where the sun begins tour, the Poohs play, as well as with Ferrone, with an additional guitarist and keyboardist, the second also their arranger respectively Ludovico Vagnone and Danilo Ballo [11] chosen among the best-known names in the sector.

The tour begins on November 23 in Rimini and continues until summer touching various Italian cities, and then resumes from January in Legnano and continues with a long series of concerts around the world. In the concerts of the and tour, no longer Steve Ferrone performs on drums, but Phil Mer, son of Red Canzian's wife. In the concerts of this tour, the Pooh have always sold out, reaching a total of about , admissions. Since November 29 the Pooh with a note published on their site have their official page on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On 6 March , Pooh Legend is released, a box set edited by Andrea Pedrinelli consisting of 4 DVDs and four books with over 10 hours of films, many of which are unpublished. For October 9, the group announces the release of the new work entitled Second Opera; then begins a tour in the main theaters throughout Italy accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Giacomo Loprieno. On January 3, Valerio Negrini suddenly died of a heart attack while on vacation in Trentino.

The unexpected death of Valerio throws the Pooh into despair and raises new unknowns about the future of the group. In early July, the Poohs return to the stages of outdoor theaters and summer arenas with the summer tour of Opera second on tour. From November 2, the Poohs return to the stages of theaters in Italy, Canada and the United States, with the last part of the tour which recorded a great success with the public with more than , appearances during almost dates throughout Italy, also in Europe and overseas.

On 28 September , Pooh announced the "reunion" operation which saw the return of Stefano D'Orazio on drums and Riccardo Fogli on vocals for a series of projects, including seven event concerts distributed as follows: two at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, one at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, one at the San Filippo Stadium in Messina, three at the Verona Arena.

In the following months, a triple album and a live DVD taken from the concerts in Milan are announced, and the tour between September and December in the sports halls and exhibition centers. Five-voice reinterpretations of the historical pieces Pensiero, Noi due nel mondo e nell'anima, Who will stop the music, Little Katy, Pierre are published, as well as the unpublished Tante stories ago, The things I want, One more song and Goals, all included on the triple live album Pooh 50 - Last Night Together, released on September On 30 December , Pooh officially ended their musical career holding the last concert at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno, in an event broadcast live via satellite in Italian cinemas and live on television and radio on RTL

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