spread betting strategies ftse share

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What is it? Why is it so valuable? Should I buy some? How do I buy some? Yes, this is actually happening! And why not? Imagine a gigantic piece of paper that lists every transaction ever completed.

Spread betting strategies ftse share sporting life ante post betting

Spread betting strategies ftse share

Now you buy back your bet to close out your position. How much have you made? Well, the points drop in the FTSE for the purposes of settling up your bet is the difference between the opening bid price here 5, and the closing offer price here 4, So that's points. Nice so what's the catch? First off, as the market clich goes, dead cats bounce.

Once everyone has finished panicking, some sort of relief rally is likely that will carry the FTSE upwards. Get caught short in a spread bet when it happens, and you will lose money fast. So ask your broker for a guaranteed stop this will widen your trading costs in the form of a bigger bid to offer spread, but it will also protect you against losses beyond your agreed FTSE level. Finally, if you are brand new to spread betting, keep your bet size per point low.

Sure, you won't make as much money as someone with a much more aggressive position, but you'll also not lose your shirt in what is by any standards a volatile market just now. DoorDash won't deliver for investors. Here's how to short it. How to buy into the next big commodities bull market. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Features Home Features. Spread betting. Perhaps you should too. Here's how to short it Trading.

Matthew Partridge explains the best way to short it. The markets could easily go either way sorry. The Dow Jones however is looking a lot more bearish. The DAX has given up half of this year's gains and the chart is showing a potential Death Cross for the German market. Skip to 3mins for the FTSE The chart for the UK market continues to look bearish and there has been a strong break lower. Company Name. Broker Ratings. Admiral Spread Betting. Anglo American Spread Betting.

Antofagasta Spread Betting. Associated British Foods Spread Betting. AstraZeneca Spread Betting. Aviva Spread Betting. Barclays Spread Betting. Spread Betting on BP. BAT Spread Betting. British Land Spread Betting. BSkyB Spread Betting. BT Spread Betting. Burberry Spread Betting. Diageo Spread Betting. Dixons Carphone Spread Betting. Easyjet Spread Betting. Evraz Spread Betting. Experian Spread Betting. Fresnillo Spread Betting.

GKN Spread Betting. GlaxoSmithKline Spread Betting. Glencore Xstrata Spread Betting. Hammerson Spread Betting. Hargreaves Lansdown Spread Betting. IAG Spread Betting. ITV Spread Betting. Kingfisher Spread Betting. Land Securities Spread Betting. Legal and General Spread Betting. Lloyds Spread Betting. LSE Spread Betting. Marks and Spencer Spread Betting. Morrison Spread Betting. National Grid Spread Betting. Next Spread Betting. Pearson Spread Betting. Petrofac Spread Betting. Prudential Spread Betting.

Randgold Resources Spread Betting. Reckitt Benckiser Spread Betting.

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All companies listed on the LSE are ranked in order of their market capitalisation. A committee made up of independent market experts meets in March, June, September and December and considers which companies should be allowed into the FTSE and which should be dropped. However they are still worth watching out for as it helps to understand the index you are trading. It is important to note that the FTSE is heavily exposed to mining shares so you have to keep an eye on that particular sector.

A massive range of factors can push the FTSE price up or down — but they tend to fall into the following categories:. The largest company in the FTSE that could properly be described as a British is Tesco, and even the supermarket behemoth is increasingly exposed to international markets. In the past the FTSE might have been a good way to play a UK recovery but this is simply no longer true; the index is today dominated by global commodities and financial services enterprises, whose earnings are predominantly international in nature.

For example the FTSE currently has 11 miners in it; all of their share price are hugely affected by what goes on in China. My point here is that when trading the FTSE you need to keep an eye on what is driving the larger underlying components. The FTSE consists of companies, of which 10 make up about 45 per cent of the index value. The German Dax consists of 30 stocks, representing the creme-de-la-creme of German commerce and industry.

Together, they are considered the two leading stock indices in Europe. I realised that there is a statistical correlation between the two stock indices significant enough to bet on. Good question as there are so many other things to trade, and the trade setups that we take do apply to other markets, but some traders find Indexes easier to trader compared to Forex. If you take time to work it all out then yes you can do really well out of Forex pip for pip def more than the Indexes, but the learning period is def longer and harder as you have to develop a six sense as to what the big banks are up 2.

You also need and this is where most new trades blow even more money to know about cross currency analysis and yes once you understand how that works you can make money. It is my thought that this offers the new trader the best chance of learning trading basics and then yes once you learn your own rules you can trade anything you like. The FTSE index benchmark can be stagnant for months moving in a range of maybe 40 or 50 points but in turbulent market conditions it can move by over points in a single trading session.

You can spread bet the FTSE using either the daily rolling bets or futures. Daily bets are more suitable for short-term trades and comes with very tight spreads — typically at just 1 point. As the name suggests daily rolling bets can be rolled over from one trading day to the next, subject to a small financing charge each time this happens.

Longer term trading views can be taken using the quarterly stock index futures. The spread for futures is wider but these contracts do not incur daily financing charges. Initial margins usually work out to around 40 times the stake for both FTSE daily bets and futures. If you are considering a medium or long term trade you will need to utilise fairly wide stops to take account of the day-to-day market fluctuations.

I noted that at about 4. The adjustment took 25 points out of the FTSE. This is normal and there is no net effect on your position. The FTSE is the single most traded instrument at many spread trading companies. One of the main reasons is the tight spread.

When the markets are open, if you have a variable spread betting provider, you will find some of the smallest spreads on this index. The result is an instrument that can update several times a second and can be traded nearly 24 hours a day. Say that your spread betting company is quoting When it reaches To work out how much you have won, you must figure out the point difference that you have gained.

Your initial bet was at When you closed your bet it was at the selling price of That means the total number of points you gained was This works out to Some successful betters even lose more often than they win, but make a profit because they make sure when they lose they close the bet and cut their losses quickly. Spread betting the FTSE is not difficult to understand.

Suppose it is in the morning and the FTSE is trading at Over the next two hours, the FTSE rises and you decide to close your spread bet when the quote is at You sell at so the market has moved 24 points in your favour. Through your spread betting account you can take a trade on the FTSE — commonly represented as the UK within the trading platform. In the circumstance that you expect the FTSE to fall in value — you can take a short position and sell the UK If the quote was — , that means you could buy at You choose exactly how much you want to risk, with the understanding that the index could go down instead of up, and you would then lose money.

The market rises as you expect, and you decide to close your position later that afternoon when the quote from your broker for the FTSE stands at — You close your position by selling, which is at the lower price of , and that means a gain of 19 points Suppose instead that the market falls, and you have to rush to close your position before you lose too much.

If the quote was — when you liquidated your bet, you would sell at losing 9 points. You can just as easily go short, or sell the position if you think the index will drop. Suppose in that last example you anticipated the drop, you would open your bet by selling at and close by buying at The companies making up the FTSE are some of the largest companies in the United Kingdom so both domestic and international news activity is likely to have a bearing on their price movements.

By and large the major indices follow a recurrent pattern — the stock exchange in Tokyo opens first, followed by London and lastly New York; with each market reacting to changing data in a similar way and with market participants trying to predict what direction an index will go based on what happened in the other major markets. Stock market speculators and spread bettors follow the earnings of companies making up the FTSE index which are usually released on a quarterly basis.

All day FTSE stock market traders are glued to their news screen on the lookout for news that might impact the economy and the markets. News that might move the FTSE index can range from company specific events to news from the other side of the Atlantic. Here it is important to have access to live-feeds as the financial markets are very efficient and most news will already be discounted in the price by the time the masses read the story on newspapers.

Daily high-low fluctuations of around 60 points are common for the FTSE although movements of points or more are not unheard of during volatile periods. FTSE day traders will keep a watchful eye for any prospective change in interest rates as this will also have a consequent impact on stock market valuations. In addition large companies are normally less volatile than smaller ones which in turn makes the index less volatile. With the FTSE being relatively stable, that means price fluctuations are not very wild by and large there is always the exception and therefore neither are your chances to make large gains in a single trade but of course this also means that this reduces the possibility of sudden, sharp index movements catching you by surprise.

The other downside to trading the European Indices is that beyond a certain time of the day, they stop being independent and start to wait for the USA markets to open. They then follow what the USA markets do until their close. This makes the FTSE less of an ideal benchmark of how the UK economy is faring given its relatively narrow breadth and heavy dependence upon banks, oil companies and miners.

And why do they trade these key numbers are they thinking people who hold a FTSE company may decide to sell when the index itself reaches a key number? Answer: No not just random markets. Round numbers, pivots, support and resistance all are real psychological areas where traders take profits and open new positions.

Madness of Crowds. Pit traders know it, day traders know it and the institutional program traders know it. You can believe they are random or you can believe they are traders fear and greed. It is a market capitalization index, which means that it includes the largest companies on the London Stock Exchange. All this really means is that the shares used for calculating capitalization are available on the open market.

They adjust to the constituents of the index every quarter.