tote exacta betting strategy

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Tote exacta betting strategy

Due to the nature of this betting system, potential Tote returns are unknown until the betting is closed at the start of the contest. Until , only one bookmaker in the UK was allowed to offer customers parimutuel betting: the Tote. Its name derives from the all-important totalizator board, the automated display where payoffs are calculated and adjusted while bets are coming in. The goal then was to provide a legal and government-regulated means of placing bets on horse races and thereby circumvent the shady business of underground betting.

The name has become a household name over the course of its long history, and via purchase by Betfred , the Tote got privatised in Today it employs more than 4, people and operates more than High Street betting shops around the UK, offering both online and offline betting under the name Totesport. A horse is placed if it finishes the race in one of the top positions.

If there are four or fewer runners in a race, the horse must win for it to place. In a race with five to seven runners, the first and second horses to cross the finish line count as placed, and the best three horses place when there are eight or more runners. In online betting , placing is used in placepots , each way bets, and single place bets.

What is tote betting is not the only question that should be asked, as there are parts of it that need to be made clear first. We will have to explain each way betting , too, as it is an important betting strategy and an integral component that will definitely help to have Tote explained fully. An each way bet is a double bet — one bet that your horse will win, and another that your horse will place. If the horse wins, both of the bets will be paid out, but if your selection only places, you have hedged your bets and you will still get a fraction of the Tote dividends.

Permutations can help you hedge your bets by selecting more than one option for one horse. You can make a permutation bet by selecting more than one horse for those races, and while that boosts your chances of winning the Tote pool bet, it also raises the amount you must place.

To calculate your final stake, take the product of the number of selections you have made and multiply it by your original stake. The most basic bets you can make are Tote Win and Tote Place. You simply pick a horse to win or to place in a particular race. If your selected horse wins, you get paid for both parts of the bet, but if it only places, you still get a fraction of the winnings.

This is a good way to hedge your bets, but it also doubles the amount you must stake. The Place bets are available only for the races with five or more runners. The ToteDouble bet consists of predicting the winners of two consecutive races, while the ToteTreble is the same for three races.

The daily Tote Placepots are the most popular type of betting. This bet requires the punter to guess a placed horse in the first six races on a given day at one particular race track. The ToteQuadpot is the same deal, only for the last four races of the day. With ToteSwinger, the bettor selects two horses to be in the top three places, regardless of their order. The bet pays the same whether the selected horses come in first and second, first and third, or second and third. The aim of a ToteExacta bettor is to guess the first- and second-placed horses in a single race, which is called a Straight Exacta.

The Combination Exacta allows you to predict which two horses will place first and second, regardless of the order. It is equal to two Straight Exacta bets, so the stake is doubled, while the Banker Exacta means that you will pick one horse to win and more than one to come in second. The Tote Trifecta is the same as the Exacta, except that you need to predict the best three places. It also has Straight, Combination, and Banker variations.

The ToteJackpot is your chance to win big on a small investment. It is a very tall order — pick the winners in six races. While there is a ToteJackpot every day, the famous ToteScoop6 is available only on Saturdays and selected special days. Here, a bettor must predict the winner of six specific races selected by Totepool.

The selection of difficult races is what makes this bet a challenge. Handicap races with 16 or more runners are often included, as well as the races with inexperienced, young horses with no track records to be taken into consideration. The Tote Placepot and Quadpot are such examples. The task for anyone tackling either of these two bets is to find a horse to place in the first six races or races two-six in the case of the Quadpot on a given card.

Successfully negotiate your way through all legs and bettors win a share of the pool, depending on their initial stake. Other bet types are available with Sportsbooks and fixed odds-betting, but these are just a handful of the options available when betting with the Tote. When betting with the Tote you are betting into a pool. That means all the money staked on each horse in the race is pooled together.

After the race, everyone who has backed the winner will receive a share of that pool money, depending on the size of their original stake. This way of betting is very different to betting with a traditional bookmaker. With the Tote you are betting against like-minded racing fans and bettors, rather than taking on the bookie. The returns on any winning bet is determined by the number of people that have backed that particular horse.

Therefore, betting on a horse that is less popular is ideal as it will mean a bigger winning dividend should it triumph. However you will always see an approximate estimation of the dividend based on the money currently in the pool for any given race. One of the major plus-points to betting with the Tote, especially when you fancy an outsider is that you will often receive a bigger payout. The Tote Guarantee means that even when the bookmaker's SP is larger than the Tote dividend, we will top up bet returns online so that you are never worse off.

This is particularly the case when it comes to the outsiders in the field. The reason for this is simple. Because fewer people are likely to have backed an outsider, it means there are fewer people to share the pool with. Many horse racing bettors will start their study of a race by looking at the likely favourite. By judging whether you feel that particular horse has as a good chance as the market suggests you can make a decision about whether to support the favourite, or look for something else in the race to oppose it with.

Form study is a cavernous area, with different racing fans and bettors favouring different methods to dissect a race. Whether it is looking at trainer form, recent performances, a horse's pedigree, race times, or something more advanced such as sectionals and stride lengths, bettors can find an edge into a particular race.

For example, if you feel that the favourite is solid enough at the top of the market, but could be vulnerable to one of the next in the betting, a Combination Exacta could be the way to go. That way, you are protected if you favourite wins, with your second choice filling the runners-up spot. However, an Exacta which sees an outsider defeat the favourite, can often pay a very healthy dividend.

Of course, when placing any bet the opportunity to win a larger amount of money is always an attractive one. When betting with the Tote, there are certain types of bets that can return a big payout for a small outlay. The best examples of this are the Tote Scoop6 and Tote Jackpot bets. While the latter is available at one course each day, the Scoop6 is a Friday and Saturday exclusive. Winning either of these bets is straightforward, but not easy.

Select the winners of the six specified races and you will share the winning pool. For the Scoop6, that prize is often particularly sizeable. Particularly during the major racing festivals, the Tote Placepot pool will swell to a notable size. And if you are one of the bettors who can negotiate the six races, a big dividend can ensue. Investigating these exotic pools and bet types might not come off regularly, but when they do, it could mean a bumper payout from a small initial outlay.

Learning how to read a racecard should be the first steps to analysing a race and the chances of the horses in it. There is a lot of information stored on these cards, and to the first time viewer, could seem overwhelming, but with a little bit of practice, most bettors will be able to use the details on the card to form an opinion. Perhaps the most important piece of information on the card comes next; the form.

Next you will see three different figures. On your racecard you will also see some indication of your returns should the horse win. However, the Totewin and Toteplace figures will be more accurate as an estimation of the dividend based on the current make-up of the Tote pools. Finally, on all Tote racecards you can click on a specific horse to see a Racing Post Spotlight write-up.

Of course, when taking part in any form of gambling, it is important to show control and set yourself sensible limits. One way of maintaining discipline when it comes to placing racing bets is to create a staking plan. With a bank established, working out a staking plan can be a good way to ensure you are staking sensible amounts on each horse.

A staking plan can work on a points-based system, with 1 point representing a specific amount. You would then tailor each bet to stake 0. It goes without saying, but if you feel you are running into trouble with your betting speaking out is vital.

Over the last three weeks we have examined the Tote Exacta and the strategies needed to be successful playing the bet in some detail.

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List of all sports betting sites But before anyone starts betting on horse tote exacta betting strategy, it is vital to have an understanding of the types of tote exacta betting strategy available, which horses are worth betting on, and how to manage your stakes and betting banks. You are commenting using your Twitter account. If the stakes are not fixed, the payouts for every winner are calculated in proportion to their stake. This tends to be similar to normal bookmaker odds, and tracks the market in a similar way, but at any given time may be better or worse than a bookmaker's quoted odds. Ready to place some bets?
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Tote exacta betting strategy Tote Exacta Banker The Tote Exacta Banker is an under-utilized bet but it provides great opportunity to get an angle into a race where there might be one stand-out horse. This bet tote exacta betting strategy the punter to guess a placed horse in the first six races on a given day at one particular race track. Your guide to betting on the Tote. There are different approaches to consider when you start betting. Instead use the resources available to you with the projected Tote Exacta pay-outs and decide what combinations will be worth winning if you are going to take more than one option.
Betting patinggi alienware We tote exacta betting strategy already in possession of, we believe, the best collection of winning Tote Board Systems in the business. The minimum unit stake for a toteswinger kirchlein bettingen bs is 10p shops and online. This article needs additional citations for verification. Read more What is Handicap Betting? Also known as a Trifecta: pick the first three horses in the right order. With the advent of the exchanges, more and more bookmakers are beginning to offer 'place only' markets in an attempt to rival the exchanges. The reason for this is simple.
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