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What is it? Why is it so valuable? Should I buy some? How do I buy some? Yes, this is actually happening! And why not? Imagine a gigantic piece of paper that lists every transaction ever completed.

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Tote scoop 6 betting

The betting slip can be denoted with the horse's race card number, or the horses name and if at another course, the name of the course , or it can be marked as the 'favourite', where the horse is not nominated but the bet is placed on whichever horse is favourite has the largest amount of money put into the pool at the start of the race.

This will, obviously, have the lowest payout since the pool will be shared with the largest number of winners but the assumption is that if others have bet on it, it must have a good chance of winning. A Tote Place bet is still on one, but the horse may come second, third or even fourth for the bet to win.

Not every race qualifies for this type of bet. Bookmakers other than the Tote do not generally offer a place-only bet, but only an each-way bet. This can be seen as a waste by bettors who believe their selection will finish 2nd or 3rd but will not come 1st; since half the money falls on the "win" it is wasted. With the advent of the exchanges, more and more bookmakers are beginning to offer 'place only' markets in an attempt to rival the exchanges.

However, there is not a set in stone way for a punter to calculate the place odds as there is with an each-way bet, and the special place only odds offered by bookmakers can vary quite a bit, both bigger and smaller, from the place odds you would receive if betting each-way. This is particularly true in "bad each-way" races, where the place odds are much less generous than if you bet each-way. The upside to this however goes back to what was said above; since the punter does not have to "waste" half their stake on the win part of the bet.

The Tote Exacta operates in the same way as a normal bookmaker's straight forecast. As always the Tote price for the forecast is always based on the betting pool dividend. A forecast is to predict the correct order of the horses finishing first and second. If the bet contains a non-runner the bet becomes void and unnamed favourites are not allowed.

Single Exacta straight forecast. Pick in the correct order the horses which will finish first and second. Combination Exacta reverse forecast. Pick in either order the horses which will finish first and second. This bet is actually two bets in one, it is exactly equivalent to two straight forecasts, the first of which you select horse A to beat horse B, and then the second is for horse B to beat horse A.

It's possible to specify more than two horses, at which point the bet becomes more complex, for example with three horses the individual bets are now a-b, a-c, b-a, b-c, c-a, c-b. Banker Exacta banker forecast. Pick a horse which you think is going to finish first, and then any number of horses to finish second. For instances, with a banker horse a, and with three additional horses, the bets are a-b, a-c, a-d. Bookmakers that are not Tote-syndicated will offer their own forecast prices based on their own odds that they are quoting.

However bookmakers will normally allow you to place a 'Tote forecast' and will pay out whatever the Tote dividend payout was. Also known as a Trifecta: pick the first three horses in the right order. This is generally really difficult to do and the dividend for getting it right is correspondingly better. The Tote can nominate races containing more than 8 runners as Trifecta races. There are three types of Trifecta, the Single, Combination and Banker and they work the same way as Exacta bets, only with three horses instead of two.

A Quadpot is operated at every meeting in the UK and it takes place on the third to sixth races on the card. The aim is to pick a horse that will be placed in each one of these races, according to the placing rules stated in the Tote Place section above. The minimum bet is 10p. The dividend is declared after the result of the last race is known and thus the betting pool divided by the remaining stakes which are left.

One may select the favourite instead of naming a specific horse. The Placepot is identical to the Quadpot except it operates over the first six races of a race card. All UK race meetings have six races as a minimum, occasionally seven and rarely eight, but the Placepot is always operated on the first six.

This bet is very popular as it has the potential to allow a gambler involvement in the whole of the race card. The minimum bet is 5p. Here is a worked example:. The first race the gambler has opted to choose two horses. Maybe the gambler isn't confident of his abilities or maybe it is a large field and the gambler feels unable to just place one horse. On race two the gambler has elected to roll with the favourite, whatever it may be. In the final race the gambler has chosen three selections.

This is often driven by the motive that if the gambler reaches the last race and still has a bet on, he doesn't want to lose out in the last race by only having one selection. If after the first race the gambler has failed to pick a selection which was placed then the bet is over. If a selection is placed, then the bet continues, and the winnings are transferred as the stake on the second race.

In this example, horse 2 may be placed and horse 7 unplaced, which means the bet continues — but there are now only 6 valid combinations for winning left. Both offer gamblers the potential to win large sums for a very small amount wagered. Over , players every week are investing in the Tote Scoop6, in the belief that they are in control of their destiny regarding the wager.

To an extent, they are correct, and they certainly have far more control than is the case in the National Lottery. Odds exceeding 14 million to one control the Lotto. The Tote Scoop6 punters can lower their odds dramatically, by deciding the horses they will nominate to carry their cash.

Apologies for going on about this, but the Lottery is an example of everything that is wrong in today's society - a quick fix, characterless contest. It can't be compared to the moronic pursuit of the plastic balls to the Sport of Kings. Punters investing in the Tote Scoop6, know that months of effort have helped to produce everyone of the six races that make up the Tote Scoop card each week. Just watching a jockey, weighing less than 8st, trying to control half a ton of thoroughbred should be enough to convince you of the Scoop6's supremacy.

Anyway, your money is surely far better spent supporting an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people, than on the corporate, tacky Lottery. Anyone with a brief interest in racing will explain to you how they were affected by the loss of Persian Punch in April, and how racing brings ou strong emotions, both good and bad for different reasons. There isn't a weekly or monthly magazine for 'Lotto' supporters, or television programmes that attempt to educate punters predicting which ball might be drawn in any particular sequence!

The Tote Scoop6, then, is for the skillful client. The punter will make a selection of short-priced favourites, or choose more speculative runners, if they're trying to win the swag for themselves, not wanting to share the dividend with anybody else. You can insure against losing, if for example you have picked the first four winners, by laying horses on the internet. The Tote placepot part of the wager presents investors the opportunity to win plenty of cash without actually selecting a winner at all!

The possible rewards on Tote Scoop6 are considerable. Firstly, the Place Fund is a useful consolation if you don't land the big win, but all your choices are placed. The dividend can alter dramatically, but as most of the races feature competitive TV racing with good size fields, there is consistently the potential for a four-figure return.

Once more, the dividend will vary depending upon the size of the rollover pool and the number of winners.


Qualifying bet is the first sports pool bet added to the betslip. Ten to Follow bets do not qualify. Totewin will be the qualifying bet when a Totewin and a Toteplace bet are struck at the same time. In a similar way to how the National Lottery works, if any of the Scoop6 funds aren't won on a particular week their value is rolled over to the following week.

Like the lottery, this can cause some massive prize funds to be up for grabbing. Unlike the lottery, the Scoop6 can be played as a game of skill. By using you knowledge of horses you can increase your odds of winning. To win the main Scoop 6 dividend you need to pick the six winners of those races,and a winning dividend will be declared for that part of bet. The third payout for the Scoop 6 is the Bonus Race Fund.

This is not won with your first bet. If you do manage to win the Scoop 6,you get an invite from the Tote to try to find the winner of the following week's Bonus Race. This part of bet is also often rolled over,and it's a free bet for you to add considerably to the amount you won the previous week in getting 6 Scoop 6 winners. Summer months normally sees the most rollovers - due to the much bigger fields during the flat grass season compared to the much smaller fields in National Hunt racing that make up the Scoop 6 in winter months.

How much does it cost?. For this reason,when Jackpots grow to big proportions the syndicates move in,pool their resources and invest tens of thousands of pounds in permutations to take the winnings and share it out later. However they don't always take the spoils,and it is this syndicate action that pushes the jackpots to dizzy levels which we all find tempting.

So,to sum up the Scoop 6 consists of 3 bets Important - Watch out for Non Runners! With all tote bets like Scoop 6,Placepots,Daily Jackpots etc. So,what happens if you have a non runner? But,what if there are 2 or more joint favourites? No matter how many joint favourites there are,the one with lowest number carries your hopes. End of article. Gambling is fun and a great hobby,but sometimes it can get out of hand - if you need help please contact begambleaware now. Disclaimer Page Contact us.

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By using you knowledge of horses you can increase your odds of winning. The Scoop6 has the additional benefit of not being all over within a minute. With races spread over around an hour and a half of the afternoon, and the majority of legs televised live on ITV, you get a lot more enjoyment from your stake. Today's Current Pool Information Jackpot.

Placepot Hong Kong Newcastle Wolverhampton. Want the very latest news, updates and results? Make sure you follow us on Twitter Follow scoop6. Throughout the duration of each betting series, any returns in the form of win and place dividends, plus unused betting funds, will be held by the Scoop6 Super Club until the end of each betting series, when they will be equally divided per membership and credited to the registered accounts.

With the ONE week memberships, this accounting will be done after each Saturday's racing, but there will rarely if ever be any unused funds. To join the Scoop 6 Super Club all you have to do is fill in the simple registration form, then login and purchase as many memberships as you wish using our secure payment facility. Remember, if you have any queries you can contact us at info scoop6superclub. How It Works. Quick Links.

Your Account. Above: Aggie is all smiles as she receives her monster cheque.

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This can be done by clicking on Account at the top of the screen and then View Statement. There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC.

To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. Free Horse Racing Bets. Full details of the Tote Scoop6 on 14th December We archive all past ToteScoop6 results as part of our service. Select one of the past Scoop 6 dates below to see the results and the totepool dividends. The tote Placepot has captured the imagination of the punting public and this is without doubt one of the most played tote bets.

For those who wish to have an interest in the afternoons racing the Placepot provides the ideal bet to keep you involved throughout the day. We use cookies to provide statistics that help give you the best experience of our site. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. Kinda, yeah! Scoop6 works in a really similar way in that if no one comes through to take the cash on a particular week then that money rolls over into the next week. Same as you see in the Lottery; funds can grow and grow to substantial amounts.

It differs from the Lottery, though, in that Scoop6 also needs a little bit of skill to be successful. Some basic knowledge gives Scoop6 punters easy access to better odds by carefully selecting their horses. The National Lottery only really lasts a minute or two, but Scoop6 is a full six races. The 6 Scoop6 races are chosen by the Tote and can be any of the meetings that happen on that particular day.

To calculate the number of winnings to be paid out per race is dependent on the number of horses running. Basically, it all goes into a pot, the event happens, a commission is taken, and the remaining pot is divided amongst winners. If you do achieve this you get your hands on a portion of the Scoop6 pooled cash. Is the Scoop6 really better than the National Lottery?

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